Friday, June 06, 2008

HAL Aerospace Museum

After couple of failed attempts to visit this place finally I made it on the 3rd week of May. The HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum is the first of its kind in the country.

It was really fun exploring some of the aspects of Aerospace and one of the most sophisticated sciences. And a visit to this place is a most spectacular thing for the eyes. HAL has given Bangalore an unique status as the City of Aeronautics.

The museum was opened to public in way back Aug 2001. In News; you can find more information about HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum here and also some more information at War Birds of India.

Dove (Devon), designed & developed by DE HAVILAND, UK.
The Light Combact Aircraft (LCA).

LAKSHYA, Pilot less Target Aircraft can be reusable for 10 missions.

A view from the back side garden ...

There Center is divided into 2 halls, Hall 1 : exhibits various models of aero engines, highlighting various functions and features of the engines. It has its own part of history holding way back from the 2nd World War. Hall 2 : again sails through the history of and milestones of the Indian aviation industry with good no. of photographs all around the place.

Inside the Hall 1. the aircraft - BASANT.

The history ...

Air traffic Control Radar & Antenna; RADAR – Stands for Radio Detection & Ranging. It provides positional information of aircraft.

The heat-shield of PSLV, and how it looks like from the inside :)

I spent good 3 hrs inside the museum; a first kind of experience for me and looking forward to another round of visit to this beautifully organized place.


Himanshu Sheth said...

Hey Alok,
It's amazing to see how the technology has progressed :) The History Photo is a nice one, reminds us that once we become old we may see Flying Cars(though still in progress) as well :)

The Heat Shield photo is very well taken !!!

-Himanshu Sheth

Alok said...

@himanshu - Thanks Buddy, yeah!!! if we have to consider the change wrt time then its amazingly fast ...

I wouldn't surprise to see a flying car in the future :)