Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Moment!

I always believe I have a reason to smile for 'today' because it is giving me a chance to learn and also I should thank the almighty for the simple reason that HE has given me this life. If things are always so simple and predictable then there is no point of expecting anything from this life; as you might have already lived it. What more left? What if nothing makes you to wait for the next moment?

If the time passes by you as if it will never change then probably you are living a life of a dead. If you are alive then you have to face the challenges that come with the day to day changes. It is impossible task to run from your life; you have to fight for it to make sure you live up to it, and for that unless you are ready to allow the change your life will never change, only the time will change which is un-stoppable. So expecting the unexpected is what gives a meaning to your dreams and fills the reality with all possible colors; the colors that describe the journey of your life.

For me it’s the journey and not the destination which sums up how the life is going to be ... ‘THE MOMENT’ – is where you live your life and it’s entirely yours and nobody can take it away from you or can change it for you. But there are times you prepare yourself may be mentally or physically for that ‘moment’, when it comes and stand right there in front of you sometime the meaning started changing and you see there are various other moments that effecting it as a whole, mindless or meaningless or just enough to knock you down. However, it’s completely in your hands to identify that ‘moment’ of yours where you want to live; in many ways it shows the character of an individual. And probably this is the time you see yourself at best making a decision and living up to it thereafter without the fear or the frustration chasing you.

If you are not able to part of the moment you are preparing for, then move on...; why blocking the way? its not yours anyway ... and backup plans are for people who live in a world of predications and fears; the fear of losing things and predicating the control over things that they never had …

I can associate the entire thought that is going inside my head right now with one of my favorite quotes - “I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.”- William Allen

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