Saturday, December 27, 2008

The December!

Seconds, minutes, hours and days were passed by me just like that and now when I look back I have already completed living one more year of my life. A year filled with the little pains which helped me to understand what it takes to be alive?, the failures that made me a stronger person than before, the successes that encouraged me keep on moving, and last but not the least a bucket full of memories that reminds me of this journey. So far so good, oh! maybe I don’t have anything to regret for the roads I have travelled, the places I stumbled up on, the paths I crossed, the people I met on my way, for the life I learned to live and appreciate whatever happens is for some reasons in our lives and only then we able to identify what actually we are & then the dreams are not too far from the reality.

The reality I live, I have always told myself that the world is nothing more or less than the image that you can create for yourself out of it. It’s my own world and I cherish every moment spent here. Looking at the retiring calendar hanging on the right hand side of my room’s wall, year after year, I have learned that each one of them has a purpose in it for us, to accomplish certain things that will determine where we are heading for … There was one such day for everyone of us to recognize that we have done something not just to prove anybody else then ourselves, followed by a quick realization that still a long way to go but you have taken the much needed step for it. Possibly, I can recall one such day of this year. I maybe blessed on many occasions but certainly the beginning of this year unveiled me a darker side of the life where I struggled to fight back for quite sometime before I could accept the impossible truth that there exists no life beyond your own imagination. Nevertheless, the beauty of life is that it demands from you only the strength you posses. A flash moment in life and then happened a series of good things here and there which eventually became part of the rollercoaster ride I am on.

Personally, I would like to count the year 2008 for everything that can come to my mind, a mixed bag. And with the countdown for the New Year 2009 is already started, amidst the global economic meltdown and around the chaos of terror attacks, finally found some reasons to cheer up and we at workplace celebrated this December together.

So I am hoping & wishing you all Merry Christmas and a very happy & prosperous New Year in advance.

P.S : I am back to business & gradually recovering from the bloody cold.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Admad - Nokia Connection

Nokia together with the Indian Music Legend A.R. Rahman is coming up with its much awaited music album "Nokia Connections" featuring the heart stirring compositions of A.R. Rahman for the Nokia Xpress Music devices and 5800 Xpress Music. This is one of its kind promotions form the Nokia to launch their new products in the market. The album contains nine original compositions from A.R.

I found this video “Jiya se Jiya” from the album is very interesting and the tune indeed catchy. The message given in the song too is ultimate, a free hug for everyone irrespective of their region, religion or language. Play it, watch it and I am sure you too will like it.

P. S: The songs will be preloaded on Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 5220 XpressMusic and Nokia 5320 XpressMusic from January, 2009.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

You Compare?

I don't know if something right or everything wrong with this world but you compare. In the whole world there is nothing like comparing something with everything else and more precisely there is no good or bad or ugly. You compare that exists, or that doesn’t but that is not the end, you find questions and seek answers for there is always a better you, a better me, a better we and a better world.

Life is like that you never know there is a better life in store. You see there is always something missing that you can never compare. So what’s more, now you are asking me for a better comparison?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Murudeshwar - The more I see ...

Murudeshwar is a small town in Uttara Kannada district that is situated around 465 kms away from Bangalore the state capital of Karnataka, India. This place is closely bounded with the Arabian Sea and hills of Western Ghats which makes it an attractive tourist spot.

My travel experience to this place is totally different in many ways, starting from the travel plan till returning back to my pad, everything. I may have surprised myself when I planned it less than in an hour and the mode of communication was the State run local buses, I switched 5 buses to reach at that place. Frankly, the people out there wouldn’t have appreciated so much for a person holding a camera, writing pad and asking them so many questions not in the language that they can easily understand, but they did and everything according to me was part of the memorable trip :)

"Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen."

One of the main attractions of Murudeshwar is the Lord Shiva idol which is visible from a long distance from the Arabian Sea. The length of the idol is 123 feet into the sky and considered as the tallest Shiva idol in the world.

You can visit Murudeshwar any time in the year and it is well connected by Roads, and trains (Konkan Railways). There are many places of tourist interests near murudeshwar, some of them are Jog Falls (90 Kms), Udupi (100 Kms), Gokarna (65 Kms) and Karwar (120 Kms).

Sunday, December 07, 2008

A day that was never before!...

Almost three years that I have spent at this place, at the very same building and before I can say BEY! to this place I wanted to go back to the past and collect some of my pictorial memories associated with it. With mist covered surrounding and the chilliness in the waves …. things were turning out much prettier than before. For a moment I couldn’t believe that this is the place where I spend almost time of a day and sometimes night.

So here you go, the pictures (re-posting with this blog) that I have taken a year back or so, of the much remembered beautiful day ...

The untold story of a misty morning …

There are so many pictures that I have taken on several occasions in and around this place but these pictures are attached to some of my virtually unforgettable memories! maybe it is not as mysterious as I would think.

Happy weekend

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

We the People!!!

- There are those who plan days & months to kill innocent people and give up their ashamed lives; we call them as terrorist.

- There are those who give their own life without even thinking for a second for saving those innocent lives; we call them as army jawans (men).

- There are those people in our neighbor countries who are mindless, hopeless, insensitive, they don’t believe on their own lives and they are a threat to everyone; we call them enemies.

- There are those who promise & bring more changes but more things remain the same; we call them as the dirty politicians.

- There are people who are anger, insecure, demanding actions to be taken and who are part of an unfinished movement because they are those who pay the price and their innocent lives; we call them as the citizens.

Let us promise to ourselves that we will not remain salient spectator anymore, it is our responsibility too to ensure our leaders/and ministers in power doing their work. And issues like terrorism and saftey of the people/nation as a whole, we just can't be indifferent. We are fighting a battle today that has some known faces and many unknown faces, we have to raise our voice and be part of this unfinished movement to identify the right political leadership.

The anger is quite obvious, but why are we scare and underestimating the power of a ‘vote’? Don’t forget that ‘the vote’ we are giving today will determine our future tomorrow. If we don't give the 'vote'? perhaps then more and more corrupt and insensitive people will enjoy the power. Also, we must not forget when we vote for something that means we are not allowing certain people to find their ways. As said, we have a role to play and for that we are sensible and not a silent viewer of the system, we have every rights to bring the changes that we wanted to see... Just imagine, if we can blog/write a review for movies/songs/products that we like/dislike, can express our feelings/thoughts in the form of poems/stories and for that matters anything then why can’t we write and raise our voices against those corrupt, insensitive and highly irresponsible politicians with the same medium. Certainly, we can’t bring back the innocent lives but then it can be as pure as lighting a candle, the light may go off after sometime but the scar of words will remain and remind us until we complete the last action against terrorism.

We have lot more things to do at our end but this maybe just a step towards to let our politicians and people who are in power (ofcourse! bureaucrats are included) know that we are watching them closely than before and we are not going to compromise lives for any of their negligences.

P.S : Thanks Divya for sharing the link with us, Mumbai under attack - some of the pictures are horrifying.