Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Flower Power

On a pleasantly lazy afternoon these beautiful flowers dragged all the way from obscurity to a sate of mind where things shaped up to the best. It's so true "If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change". Whatever it maybe but flowers with their unique characteristic make things change the way it suppose to be ... and this little creation of God's has so big impact on it.

Walking down the stairs of the guest house at Nandi Hills reminded me about the world of colors that I am looking for in this life can be found nowhere but here and only here - on this earth. The colors that describes the joyful moments, the fragrances that brings back the breath, the tenderness that hold the nerves loosen up, the passions that run through the blood and every bit of life born thereafter.

Here goes few of the photographs that filled the long ride with its bits & pieces of colors :)

I wish I could know the names of all these flowers. . .

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cleartrips for trains :)

Check out for cleartrip, what you will notice there is bit surprising but same time encouraging too. Guess what ! Indian Railways is giving a stiff competition to the low cost airlines. Now side by side you can search which one is best for you. Yes ! cleartrip is out with its new train search pages (Cleartips Train beta), the first impression was good.

Now you don’t have to only depend upon IR website :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

traffic or hell ???

Today, probably I have seen one of the worst traffic jam ever. It took more than half an hour just to cover a distance of less than 2, i.e. crossing one traffic-signal. You are left with no option other then waiting and watching the crowd not moving an inch forward. It’s really a frustrating thing for anybody on a morning to exhaust all the energy in a bad traffic jam like that. But again you or for that matters anybody else is so helpless – Not really !!!

I wonder as an individual, if you can really contribute something constructive towards the never ending problem of traffic in the city, like Bangalore ?

Knowing the limited resources and limitations on infrastructure in the city, why not encourage oneself to use the mass or public transportation? Everyday I can find half of the cabs are empty on the way to office, whereas the roads are unusually packed by single-headed cars. Thanks to all those pity banks and there EMI policies, which appears very lucrative mostly to all those gangs of young IT blood. Most of the time those offers ends up with shit. Why don’t give a second thought that not only helps you but others too. If buying a vehicle is damn necessary then why not using it on road with little responsibly where the city is fighting with so many problems. You can’t be so careless and keep on blaming the govt. for every other problem that you are equally responsible for … the answers should come from you.

Perhaps this is the right time that we should act responsible and create the awareness among ourself first before the situation really go out of control. I really appreciate movements like commuteeasy. But it is yet to be used widely and effectively. As an individual if we start/contribute doing something similar like commuteeassy is intended for then ... and take a little more responsible role as a citizen then probably our daily life on the roads will be much easier and safer.

Think !! think !!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Puri - Rediscovering life

Every journey has its purpose, every time has its value and every place has its identity. It was a great experience for me exploring this religious town Puri, Orissa; which is particularly famous for the ‘Sri Jagannath Temple’.

I had been to Puri many times before also but don’t able to recall when was the first time. One reason being in Orissa, especially in oriya families you have N number of occasions or reasons for that matters to visit Puri, apart from the dharsan of 'lord Jagannath’. It is always a great feeling to be here - to associate yourself in whatever little ways to this holy place, to stretch your legs and offer your helping hands to people you hardly know, to remind to do all those small things that you forget, to acknowledge & rediscover this life, to walk along with the beach, to see Sun climbing the sky, to feel the silent rays penetrating the body, to smell the fragrance of purity, to breathe the fresh air, to taste the flavor of maha-prasads and last but not the least to bring back the peace of mind.

The wide view of outside of the main entrance of the temple. ‘Puri Jagannath Temple’ is one of the biggest temples in India and absolutely a treat to the eyes.

The idols, from left - Balabhadra, Shubhadra & Jagganath and again ...

A variety of maha-prasad (dry sweets), the flavored and colored ones.

The way people look at us is not the same way we look at them and it is so difficult to understand the wealth of knowledge this person is having. Speechless !!!

At Puri beach, where life never stops … it finds the hidden soul …

The gifts from the nature...

Now that’s what people say a tasty treat to your mouth. You should try these sweets at least once; popularly known as ‘gajja’.

*All the Photographs Copyright Hello World - Alok, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Holi 2008 :)

Bangalore weather is getting better and better with every day & night passing. A great sign for tomorrow's eve on the way along with little rain drops, cool breeze and a drastic change in the atmosphere.

Heartiest wishes in advance to all of you for the auspicious festival of Holi - The festivel of colors.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Welcome rains :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A long way to go ...

If I look back it is just another day, but it was not... Putting the lights off, I could see the reflection of the darkness which reminded me that I don’t have anything to worry as I have traveled with them so far, seeing those days & years passing by me. Its going to be a new beginning … even though you do the same things again and again but different, it has a hope filled with in it for the new day where things are not be the same. I am blessed, and I should be thankful to this life and the almighty for they given me this life. The life that moves on with the unstoppable time, it has everything that helped you and me grow together and see dreams come true but still a long way to go to ...

I am one more year older now; a year completed by leaving all those little pains behind, accepting the mistakes and failures that made me stronger then before, and cherishing those pleasurable moments that brought the success and encouraged to dream more and do more each day – every day.

I must be thankful to each one of you to be part of this life and being there always irrespective of the time and constrains. Needless mentioning here, your wishes made it special for me again :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My way, or the highway !!!

One of my fav ... check out the video, its really cool and needn't tell about this song, everybody knows it rocks :)

Check, check, check check... out my melody
You think you're special, You do
I can see it in your eyes
I can see it when you laugh at me
Look down on me
You walk around on me
Just one more fight
About your leadership
And I will straight up
Leave your shit
'Cause I've had enough of this
And now I'm pissed.

Yeah! This time I'm 'a let it all come out
This time I'm 'a stand up and shout

I'm 'a do things my way !!
It's my way
My way, or the highway
Some day you'll see things my way
Cause you never know
Where, you never know
Where you're gonna go

Monday, March 10, 2008

Quote(s) of the Day !!!

A preacher must be both soldier and shepherd. He must nourish, defend and teach; he must have teeth in his mouth, and be able to bite and fight.
- Martin Luther

On my way ...

It crossed my mind many times and I don’t have any specific answers to those questions. I know whatever happens for a reason, whether it’s good or bad you have to go by that, not as a rule but as a matter of fact. To my realization in life, you have nothing called a gain or a loss but you count it as one of your experience... a bad one or a good one, to add to your never ending journey. The journey that makes you smile, laugh or cry. You start counting upon many things, to make it a more happening one. And one fine day, you suddenly come across with somebody and you give it all away, just to see that person smiling and happier than you and often you think that their life is become your life; actually your life is no more your life but somebody else’s. In the end, nothing really matters, does that ? if you are not able to make it your way but still smiling back to the life and say – hey, I just can’t be the one, the selfish one.

The past is wiped out from the memories and you become no better than an unknown face. Your eyes can get wet but your hands are tied, the tears become no more a sign of happiness but that reminds you that’s enough for the day. You probably stepped into a wrong world, where you have to pay for your smiles, where your dreams have no meanings and all your feelings thrown out as if you’re a dead. You think you are one among the stupid on the earth but again you smile on it, because you have not done anything wrong. You go by the things that are true to your knowledge and believe – there you say live as if you are never going to die and if you are then die for the things you live.

Walking along side the quiet beach you realized that you came so far and mistaken the beautiful sunset of the day to be the dawn. As someone has rightly said – ‘Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go’. And you started thinking many times before you see the rays of hope spreading all around … in your way and again you are blessed with a new day.

Sometimes you let go things, just like that without any questions, without any answers, without any reasons, and without anything that will make you feel like a numb. Life moves on and on with time passing by you and you with time together re-discover this life, a new world that gives you back what you are, what you for. This is the beginning and a long way to go … so let’s cherish all the moments that comes your way and keep moving - keep rocking.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday night !!!

Walking along the Airport road, on Sunday night I could see a calmness, on otherwise busy & jam packed traffic road at this point of hours, that reminds me about the break everyone of us taking from their busy schedule. A break that refresh and re-energies you before the next assignments of a new Monday, so get ready to welcome it.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Food for thoughts !

Today I had a chat with one of my very old friend, and believe me I had no clue when was the last time we had a talk or chat, for that reason whatever that makes you connected with a person. It makes you feel good to find such long lost one on this earth – who surely deserve a place in your list of buddies but somehow, somewhere they were lost to an extend you can say - completely disconnected.

There may not be some specific reasons that I can jot down here. Why or how somebody ever tries to hide the self from the world. And they never turn up when it requires to be there but again that reminds me many things, especially when you have a clash on opinions and both of you agrees to the point that neither of you were wrong nor right to judge that situation or the cause. Nope ! I don’t wanna go to the flash back and dig the story, I hate that, specially if you know it’s of no use now.

To my realization, the purpose of our life is to challenge all the difficulties we face and seek it differently in the way your friend or somebody never expected it …. Ofcourse, in the end it's you who decide what to do and not to do. That is what exactly my today’s food for thought … it just happened this message popped out to remind me, we are leading two different paths ...

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. - Ralph Emerson

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

One side of the coin, the other side ?

The more is less – that’s how today’s world is turning round and around … more DESIRES and less HAPPINESS … more ME and less WE … more JEALOUSY and less LOVE ... more ENEMIES and less FRIENDS … more FIGHTS and less HELP … more TAKING and less GIVING. … And the list is ON.

I wonder what if we swap the two words - more & less. And may be we can find the answer for the below Q.

Why we are dieing for more and not living for less ???

Somewhere we are loosing the clarity and the transparency that this world has offered us. We know things yet we don’t know, we can see yet we are blindfolded … we can speak about several thing yet we are dumb.

Why ? Why ? because we forgot to find god in small things or … ???

I don't like to end the post with a question mark, and I have many things to write on, but again I don't want to divert from the question at present I am having here ... continued ....

Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekend - Zameen par :)

These days I am occupied with almost everything and have very less time for myself to spend the way I want. It seems those old trip days are going to come back shortly – and I can tell you, there are at least 4 trips in the pipe-line for next two months yippee !!!! I am gonna make it to all of them, surely.

Now a days, I can find a new trend in blogging – to keep thing short and straight. I thought I will start writing something similar about my last weekend. So here goes …

Saturday - Dhaaba, Rohit,100 ft road, shopping, Tare Zameen par, stones, Himanshu, Moma, granny, dreams...
Sunday - Gurdwara, langar, Rohit, Anj, Lidoo mall & shopping again, serious discussions, laughing aloud, old friends, Moma, Anj, American Gangster, Mithya and my dreams.

What a weekend that was – I can't say rocking but yeah ! quite relaxing and felt pretty much happy. Watched three movies, all of them were superb and coincidentally close to reality, infact American gangster is based on a real story… awesome !!!

The highlight of the weekend was the langar, I felt so good. Thanks to buddy who out of sudden pulled or rather encouraged me to come along with him and had some quality time there.

And back again to weekdays, life goes on ……

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tu dhoop hain !

What a wonderful song from the movie - Tare Zameen Par.

Kholo kholo darwaze
Parde karo kinare
Khutey se bandhi hai hawa
Mil ke chudao saare

Aajao patang leke
Apney hi rang leke
Aasmaan ka shamiyana
Aaj hamein hai sajana

Kyun is kadar hairaan tu
Mausam ka hai mehmaan tu
O duniya sajee tere liye
Khud ko zara pehchaan tu

Tu dhoop hain jham se bikhar
Tu hai nadee o bekhabar
Beh chal kahin ud chal kahin
Dil khush jahan teri toh manzil hai wahin

O kyun is kadar hairaan tu
Mausam ka hai mehmaan tu

Baasi zindagi udaasi
Taazi hasney ko raazi
Garma garma saari
Abhi abhi hai utaari

O zindagi to hain batasha
Meethi meethi si hai aasha
Chakh le rakh le
Hatheli se dhak le ise

Tujh mein agar pyaas hai
Baarish ka ghar bhi pass hai
Roke tujhe koi kyon bhala
Sang sang tere aakash hai

Tu dhoop hain jham se bikhar
Tu hai nadee o bekhabar
Beh chal kahin ud chal kahin
Dil khush jahan teri toh manzil hai wahin

Khul gaya aasmaan ka rasta dekho khul gaya
Mil gaya kho gaya tha jo sitara mil gaya

Roshan hui saari zameen
Jagmag hua saara jahaan
Oh udne ko tu aazad hai
bandhan koi ab hai kahan

Tu dhoop hain jham se bikhar
Tu hai nadee o bekhabar
Beh chal kahin ud chal kahin
Dil khush jahan teri toh manzil hai wahin

Oh kyun is kadar hairaan tu
Mausam ka hai mehmaan tu

Saturday, March 01, 2008

back :)

It was a bad day for him, but how did that matters ? Life has many different faces stored for us; I know him of late that he is a kind of person that I have the respect for being one of the strongest fellows in the whole gang. He holds the power and courage to do anything he wanted to do.

Why it happened ? that was the only question he was asking to himself and I have no clue whatsoever, looking at him like a numb. The only mistake he has done by putting the trust on someone whom I wished he had not. His words were strong and heart touching enough to blow out anyone, at the same time it made me wonder – what I would have done if I were at his position. I know it’s not an easy task to put yourself in somebody else shoes. I don’t know how difficult to be in such situation where you forced to manipulated yourself for no good reasons. It may be that I am the only hope and he counted me on that - there were those untold words that I heard again, was constantly looking at his wet eyes ….

He was in his world, hearing the silence and seeing the darkness that surrounded the hopes. But again he is fighting with all of them, fighting with himself and fighting with what happened and trying to gather the pieces of life. I could see that he is now stronger than ever before and his alien appearance in front of me echoed my thoughts. It was a surprise and then it wasn’t difficult to overcome the choked situation and relish the slightest joy that comes on your way!

How many times we have the realization that - in fulfilling the desires that fly with the wings of love, why to see people as a barricade who comes in the way? and what if they were trying to help without letting you know about it. or may be they were trying to be nice at times when you left with no other options. Probably, they want to mark a note that life is too short and we have only two ways to learn things either by self mistakes or by others mistakes, or may be they were counting big on all those things that you forgot to tell yourself.

I may be clueless - why things just bothers when at first place it shouldn't be but seeing someone wishfully happy is what helps you to fade away as dusty memories. There !!! the lost smile on his face is back :)