Saturday, May 26, 2007

Are we getting bored soon ... ?

Yes, one reason I could find is that the world is getting smaller and smaller every day. Mobile phones and low cost airlines are now able to cut down any distance. We are leaving in a world where technology is having more control on life then anything else. We are staying so close yet our minds made us so far to reach. Too many choice and too many options for anything and everything in life, slowly but gradually we are making our life an artificial one.

The other reason could be the desire of searching always for the better or the best option, sometime put us in a situation were we can only think of the worst. Nerveless as long as we are able to find a reason to make ourself happy, we hardly bother whether it’s right or wrong or something else. Searching for better options in life never finishes but ofcourse the time. And when we realized it, we don’t have more than one option. Blaming others for what we have lost is just another way to show we’re still searching and got bored with what we have on hand. Life has so many things to offer us but hey, we don’t have time to take up all those. We are leaving in a limited world, again. We find so many “Why” questions and no answers for “How”. In the fast moving life we have closed our eyes for not to see any obstacle in the journey we are on but want to reach at the destination in the time that no other one has ever reached …

The big dreams that stolen the sleep now, again and again pushing us to the world where we first started dreaming, things were much simpler and easier there. Perhaps that’s the other life we grow and grow old with the complexity in and around us.

Monday, May 21, 2007

A Perfect Lunch on a weekend :)

I always remind myself that the best thing in life comes in small packs. Something better was awaiting for me for the day. After bad power cuts whole yesterday but I woke up to witness one of the wonderful morning. Sometime later, I got a reminder call from Shfu, saying not to miss the Lunch at her place. I have already heard lot about her cooking skills from Resh & others but had missed few occasions earlier. Over the period of time I wonder how my food habit has changed and see! now I am a big junkie who has lost the taste of home food.

So there I go and enjoyed a fun filled lunch. I am still wondering how she managed to prepare so many stuffs without even taking anybody’s help. No doubt she has done a great job, a big thanks to her. The food was amazing, (shefu, if you are reading this blog), and for me it was one of those few perfect lunch on a weekend with the touch of home food to it.

And this time I counted my weekend with good food, good people and good some places to explore :)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

How to get along with people (10 Points)

Again a reminder call and woke up early morning on a weekend. Wondering what to do I had 2 hours of time, thought of checking my mails by the time I open my mailbox, I caught with some nice links and here goes …. the information that I found very interesting. I was tempted to post this on my blog … just moving on.

How to get along with people

1. Keep skid chains on your tongue; always say less than you think. Cultivate a low, persuasive voice. How you say it counts more than what you say.

2. Make promises sparingly, and keep them faithfully, no matter what it costs.

3. Never let an opportunity pass to say a kind and encouraging word to or about somebody. Praise good work, regardless of who did it. If criticism is needed, criticize helpfully, never spitefully.

4. Be interested in others, their pursuits, their work, their homes and families. Make merry with those who rejoice; with those who weep, mourn. Let everyone you meet, however humble, feel that you regard him as a person of importance.

5. Be cheerful. Don't burden or depress those around you by dwelling on your minor aches and pains and small disappointments. Remember, everyone is carrying some kind of a load.

6. Keep an open mind. Discuss but don't argue. It is a mark of a superior mind to be able to disagree without being disagreeable.

7. Let your virtues, if you have any, speak for themselves. Refuse to talk of another's vices. Discourage gossip. It is a waste of valuable time and can be extremely destructive.

8. Be careful of another's feelings. Wit and humor at the other person's expense are rarely worth it and may hurt when least expected.

9. Pay no attention to ill-natured remarks about you. Remember, the person who carried the message may not be the most accurate reporter in the world. Simply live so that nobody will believe them. Disordered nerves and bad digestion are a common cause of backbiting.

10. Don't be too anxious about the credit due you. Do your best, and be patient. Forget about yourself, and let others remember. Success is much sweeter that way.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Weekend & Spiderman

Yet another weekend, this time planned to watch a movie and yet again a planned event. I had experience of postponing movie plans at the last moment but this time didn’t because the movie was Spiderman 3. I am always having preferences for these types of movies. Resh was accompanying me, everything was on time.

The movie was pretty good and found completely opposite what some of my friends already given their expert comments :) I know, this time the superhero caught with the emotional syndrome but no way it affected the movie’s them. The message was pretty clear “We have always many choices in our life and our choice reflects who we are. And it’s always possible to turn down the wrong choice and chose the right one, the best one”. Also the movie has some cool special effects, so guys again you shouldn’t miss to watch this movie.

After movie, we went to a nice place to have our dinner. Our discussion took a off path from movie and it’s not over I got a chance to hear so many interesting stuffs about business and technologies from Resh, I guess she is pretty good in it, some gifted skills. The ‘sarson ka saag’ and ‘makai ki roti’ was having an amazing effect on it.

A cool movie, a great dinner and a good start of the weekend...

Continue ….

Friday, May 11, 2007

Quote(s) of the day !! ANGER

Anybody can become angry--that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way--that is not within everybody's power and is not easy.
- Aristotle

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The 'ten' tagged

Things turned out to be simple if some one tagged you, as you started recalling all good or weird things about you. I guess for me it is not that easier task. And this time Nags has tagged me and now I am pushed to write ten interesting facts/things about myself. I really don’t know at this point of time, how it could be ?

Okay lets starts without putting much thoughts, whether it can be the list ...

1. I love exploring new places; traveling is just another passion for me. You can always find a long list of places to visit and couple of travel guides on my desk.

2. Last month I had been to Vaishno devi ji, which happened to be a memorable and wonderful trip. Perhaps it was the first time I visited so many temples with a short period of time, felt great. Check the below photo that I took at Bhawan.

3. My favorite place is Kanyakumari and sometime I completely lost there to find myself. Now you can guess who can be my Idol.

4. There are few people how annoyed me more then anything else, but then the contradictory part is I love them all because they can be the source of Ideas. They are around me always :)

5. I find myself at a very distant place when it comes to games. And now I am gradually loosing interest, watching India cricket team. Sometime I do feel bad not being optimistic in this regard.

6. The difficult thing you will find in me is that I am not difficult for anything I wanted to do.

7. I started learning guitar some eight months back, but unfortunately lost the track and could only able to attend three classes till now. It’s again the alarm time for me to catch up with the track and then find the lost interest.

8. I often overspend on things which could have done otherwise, I know finally we shouldn’t regret what we have done. It’s all with a good intension and things will definitely not on the other side.

9. I couldn’t able to distinguish between breakfast, lunch, snacks time and dinner. They are always there for me with out being specific.

10. Last but not the least, I am completely fade up with the traffic in Bangalore roads and hate to move at peak hours. I am totally helpless. Sometimes wonder when the metro railways will start the shuttles, hope I am not dreaming again.

That’s the ten from me. Finally, I wanted to tag all of them who are going to read this post of mine :)

- Have a nice time -

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Idiot, me …

There are things about person(s) that many of us fail to realize, perhaps we take more time to understand the person first and realizing the words by the person later, or may be other way round. And when we realize those words, it’s too late to understand the person, ending up with things that our eyes can see but our mind can never believe. What we find a total out of sync view, quite but dangerous. So many times trying to fix this unpredictable view just to make it bigger and bigger. You see it, believe it and react to it but fail to grasp the reaction. It is the law of nature that for every action there is equal and opposite reaction (not necessarily visible to eyes). We started piling our out of sync thoughts just to annoy our self. Oh yes, I was pointing my finger at others and accusing them of things for which I was equally, if not more guilty.

I discover the idiot, who pointed the things that annoy us about others are often characteristics we posses. And me just was trying to escape from the out of sync view and was laughing at idiot asking who is responsible for that ?