Friday, June 20, 2008

Dil Chata Hai (!!!)

I strongly believe – “Life is a meaningless search until you find the meaning of it, but it wouldn't give you any guarantee for its existence!”

I wouldn’t surprise myself; there are those some movies that show the different or rather changing meanings of the life. Does it mean life is changed for the every new meaning you discovered? This is never answered unless you are the one who live the life, dream for it and find out what it is … and ‘DCH’ as the short form says; is a perfect example of it.

A must watch movie :)


GMG said...

Hi Alok! Good idea to get to the movies after the disaster of Portugal against Germany... ;)
Lovd to see the waterfall! Beautiful pictures!
Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, still in Santiago de Compostela, now inside the Cathedral… Hope you enjoy, and have a nice weekend!

Alok said...

@ gmg - great to see your comment here again, thanks. Hope you are having a great time there...

You too have a wonderful weekend :)

reema dash said...

hello sir!
very true abt the DCH thing. i guess the movie is one of the very few complete package one!
u no doubt get the true meaning out of it!
friendz are our life lines!
alwayz understand them!
nice post! :)

Alok said...

@reema - Thank you so much for the comment.

Yeah! DCH is able to convey the message in a comprehensive manner that inherits the meanings from the real life.