Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Movie Mania

Another weekend and I am back with some great movies. I am really glad to get hold of these movies, they were inspired so much from the real life and presented superbly on the screen. After all the purpose of a movie is not just to do pass time or have some fun instead this time, it is to learn & take away the important messages of life.

The first movie in the list was “An American Crime”, one of the hard hitting real life stories that I have seen ever. In short the movie has everything that will blow you out from your feet. The director Tommy O'Have has done a great job, absolutely superb direction & screen play and Ellen Page, yet again proved she is one of the most talent actress.

A terrible crime, cruelty, inhuman treatment, fear, frustration, anger, madness, lies and death everything bundled in 112 mins. When the movie finished I was not able to believe that something could have happened ever like this, shocked but accept the fact that there are people who are involved so much so with their own life that for them another person's life is just so damn. It was not an easy going movie, the story's lead character Sylvia had only one thing to say "every situation God always has a plan. I guess I'm still trying to figure out what that plan was ...".

The most touching line that came from Sylvia which says it all - “She sacrifices me to protect her children then sacrifice them to protect herself.”

I am not writing anything more about this movie because I want you to watch this movie and allow your blood to rush into your head and find out whether it can burst ? If it didn’t you have still a little life left with you.

The other movie that I watched over this weekend was “The Man Who Cried” which is again a beautifully crafted movie. The story of the movie was simple but presented in a very classy manner. No need to mention that Christina Ricci had fully justified the lead role in the movie. Now you guys go and grab the copy of the movie to have some quality time watching it … The movie have had its chance to say much more than the audience expected - Suzie's struggle as life had its own twist and turns, she had to decide between the loving relation she just fallen into recently or the loving father ..


Pri said...

now that was a 'no spoiler' included review...
how do u manage to do that...i cant help but blab about the movies i like :D
but u got me really interested now..maybe will catch it around the weekend :)


tanu said...

Thanks alok :)
I have just started photography
so you have encouraged me even more.
Thanks again :)

Alok said...

@pri - Yeah ! surely theses two movies are should be in the list of must watch :)

@tanu - thanks for visiting my blog. And I can see the ‘beginner's’ luck on photographs taken by you :)