Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yercaud Trip !

Things turn up better when expected least, the trip to Yercaud was one of its kind and proved the saying is correct. This beautiful quite hill station of the eastern ghats is situated in north of Tamil Nadu. It's around 235 K.ms from Bangalore. Needless to mention that some of my friends was under a wrong impression and told me it's not worth going there.

Keeping up with the good spirit, we started our journey and witnessed yet another wonderful trip.

The first thing that attracts the visitors is the lake, one of the most exciting place around the heart of the small town.

View of the lake and the garden in one shot, the walk in the evening is unforgettable. This picturesque place has many things to say.

We reached The Hotel Grand Place around 4.30 PM for our late lunch and after few hours what we saw there was a complete surprise.

Bird's eye view of the small town covered with mist, it was around 6.15 PM.

I couldn't imagine a better evening, the short trek refilled the lost energy in our body.

something special about this picture, needless to mention what was that.

Lady's Seat was another breath taking place. Walking in the clouds!!!

Another vantage view of point, Gent's Seat. I was amazed by all these view points and there names, to add more the next in the list was Children's Seat
World is not enough !!!

Breakfast at Sterling, one of the best resort in Yercaud, the food was really good.

The mirchi paccoda (Bajji) stalls near the lake, had those spicy bajjis... on the way back to catch the vehicle.

*All Photographs Copyright Hello World - Alok, 2007

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

JOG Falls !!!

JOG Falls is one of the most favorite place of mine where I just want to lost. It's around 430 K.ms from Bangalore, situated north-west side of Karnataka. Some People are caught with a fear that July is not the best time to visit this place, as in rainy season you can't expect anything other then heavy rain falls. But there were those few lucky people who just didn't miss the beauty of this place and never less a wonderful trip.

JOG Falls, view from the top.

I can't imagine a better morning ...

View from the bottom.

I was so tempted to put these pictures on my blog. Thanks Siva for sharing the pictures.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Rath Yatra !!!

Rath Yatra is organized every year in the month of June-July, is celebrated for ten days. Puri, the holiest place is the venue, the temple town of Orissa. Probably one can see the largest gathering of people for this celebration here.

A view of the three chariots.

WIsh you all a very happy Rath Yatra, may God bless us.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Dream for a Green City !!!

Love Bangalore for whatever reasons I can find. It has been around four years of time since I became part of this Hi-tech city in India. As a citizen, I witnessed many ups and down with it. On some occasions I felt this city really sucks but again on the second thought every other city in this country has its own set of problems and limitations by its own. As said - a city grow when its citizen follow the growing trend with the time but what if it finds a different way breaking some of those untold rules? Well, then it can change the definition of growth. In that case then the problems are no more to be mentioned any where but as a common man you have to face it in your day to day life.

There can be many more challenging things in this city that somebody needs to address on an everyday basis and to name one such thing is the 'Traffic' issue, which is gradually playing a role of a inhibitor in the fast growing life of many people. You have read the deadlock theory in your operating system book and now you see it happening in front of you. Do you have a solution yet? Nope! so better not to mention how many time you have missed the flights or trains, or suffered a bad road block or ended up screaming on a rainy night way back to your house.

Sometime you end up spending a good more than 1 hr on the road waiting for the way to open up. Why do you do that? don't you know you only need 15 mins of your time to walk back.

An empty road ... huhh !!! I have taken this photo when the red traffic light was burning on the other side of the road :) Anyways do I need to mention that B'lr is gifted with heaven's greenery and with an awesome weather.

Can we hold on to this gift and appreciate the effort put by many of the people to grow these trees. So that not to destroy it for whatsoever reasons. I don't know if cutting these trees will able to make our fast moving life a little more faster ???

Metro Rail work is already started on M.G Road, a good sign for this growing city. I hope the plans are made in the view of the betterment of the people living in here. Now can we promise that we are not going to be a threat for ourselves by destroying the gifted things that this city offers to us ?

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Big Banyan Tree !!!

Last weekend we planned to move around Bangalore. One reason could be for last couple of weeks the weather in the city is awesome and it's like moving on and on, at 2 PM feeling fresh as if early morning. An ideal time for checking some nearby places.

We started to explore about a place which is having the oldest and the biggest 'Banyan Tree' in Karnataka. It is called 'Dodda Alada Mara' in Kannada meaning 'Big Banyan Tree'. It is situated in Ramohalli village around 25 Kms from Bangalore, is said to be 400 years old and spreading over 3 acres.

While going, we took the Mysore Road and then after 20 Kms off to the village road.

Wind's Magic ... gone in 60 secs.

Just after the entrance gate this wide view of the tree, looks as if we were entering inside a jungle.

The Big Banyan Tree, I was wondering whether I could take the entire tree's picture in a single frame.

Wow !!! what a color combination ?

More to go, until I reach there I didn't know that this place is a familiar setting for many movies sequence which also include 'Sholay'.

The main trunk has given life to several other roots and branches, and they all looks like another tree around each other.

Lunch at Ruppi's Resort, a wonderful place. I really enjoyed the food there.

Inside view of the Resort ...

Another view inside the resort, found some nice decorations around the garden. A baby walk is must after lunch :)

Started back with the newly constructed road, to put some adventures feelings to our ride without knowing where this road was heading, somehow managed to reach the main Magdi Road. Never mind though it took us almost an hour extra time to reach there.

A great ride, a good trip, a wonderful lunch and some nice memory, again a perfect start of the week and month ...

*All the Beautiful Photographs Copyright Hello World - Alok, 2007