Sunday, June 22, 2008

VIT - A place to learn; A chance to grow

Whenever, or wherever we talk about Engineering & Technology Institutes present in India, the first thing that comes to anybody's mind is IIT. Now saying IITs, they are India’s premier Institute and there is always a degree of inclination to the quality of education it associated by itself and also it is one of the toughest tasks for anybody to get a admission there (needn't mention anything about the growing quota system at this point of time). The expectation level and competition is always way too much, I am not against the competition but it has a very limited scope while reaching out to the thousands of aspiring students. I have read an article about How Not To Build New IITs, which is again raising concerns when demands placed in front of the government to increase the no. of IITs/seats. But I am not here today to talk about all those things, today I am here with this post to share a good news about a college other than IIT :)

The growth that we have seen in the recent past in almost all different sectors is fabulous, to add to that gone are those days when only handful of Engineering Colleges were present to allow somebody to engineer the dreams. The situations has completely changed with the time and now hundreds, thousands other colleges come into picture to cater the future need of young engineering minds and for those young minds its more than just a ray of hope. All around, the competition has its own increasing speed with the assurance to the students who didn’t get a seat in IIT that they needn't worry about their future just because they didn't make it to IIT.

The impressive thing noticed here is that some of the Colleges / Universities are slowly but gradually following the path that IITs once started. And to name such a college, VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology) is one among them. This year there are more good news for this Deemed University that one can expect. The first one was India Today ranked it 10th all over India, read here. And the second one TCS created a new placement record all over the world by selecting whopping total of 1,075 students. In news ...

Indeed it’s a big achievement for VIT and as the university’s alumni I am really proud about it. I know still a long way to go but not to take away anything from the people out there doing their part of good work .

Congratulation & Good Luck for the future endeavor to all those who successfully cracked the interviews and All The Best to those who are expecting / awaiting their interview calls.

VITians Rock :)


Pri said...

aah sounds pretty impressive

okk i guess i should be proud to know a VITian! ;)


Alok said...

@pri - Thank you and better you be ... :)

Himanshu Sheth said...

Hey Alok,
Well no praises taken away from IIT since they are and would remain the premier institute in India.I should say that this so called HYPE about IIT started when there was really a tough competition to get into it and still remains...but the catch is : The gateway to that entrance is made simpler.

After working with few IIT interns in our startup, they conveyed one message to me: many IIT'ians bank upon the degree and nothing else and that is a contradiction to our thoughts :) We expect IIT'ians to be innovative (and may be somewhat Entrepreneurial) but this was an eye-opener to me :)

Well, VIT has been in news and now the Business Incubation model has been touching in many Non-IIT colleges....VIT being one of them !!!! Actually, IMHO we need more VIT's and less IIT's else the so called brand image of IIT gets lost.With 7 new IIT's God knows what would happen :)

IMHO, we should respect IIT's but not all IIT'ians...since getting there is tough but it is important to see what we know after coming out from IIT :)

Congrats to VIT (and you as well) .....Lets hope things happen in other colleges as well !!!!!

-Himanshu Sheth