Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ready for the change - BIAL ???

The BIAL (Bangaluru International Airport), which has received clearances from the Civil Aviation Ministry to start commercial operations, has already informed airlines that all flights landing or departing after 00:00 hours on May 23, would operate from the new airport. It is also confirmed that no commercial flights will depart from the HAL airport after 00:01 of May 23 2008.

The countdown for the inauguration of the new airport of Bangalore is already begun. Now, the big question that revolves around is that whether Bangalore is ready for this change over? There are voices from every corner of the city demanding to retain HAL Airport; and nevertheless the most common problem sighted is that the required infrastructure in the city is not ready yet which will add more worries to the ever growing traffic system, if shifted.

It’s no wonder the connecting roads to the airport has been somthing but smooth. And it takes minimum 2 Hrs to travel from the city to reach the Airport situated around 40 away and the reason being there are still incomplete connectivity projects.

BIAL is the future but whether the infrastructure is ready for such a movement right now? I mean knowing that things are not at proper place and it will take a sizeable amount of time to carry the required work and there is a little hope that such rush will work out. Ask any traveler in the city; they would surely prefer HAL Airport inspite of its pathetic condition than BIAL, mainly due to its accessibility. And hence, PILs demand old B'lore airport remain open.

Here goes some of the useful information that I gathered from the Internet regarding the bus service/conectivity between various places in Bangalore to the new airport.

BMTC has released the fares of the soon to be introduced 'Airport Bus Service' to BIAL, connecting the airport from eight locations of the city. These buses will be numbered as BIAL 1 to 7 for the intial seven routes.

Thank God, BMTC has procured 40 air-conditioned Volvo buses for dedicated Shuttle Services between the Airport and seven destinations across the City. Named Vayu Vajra, these buses will ply on seven diferent routes, around every 15 minutes. The cost of the bus fare would range from Rs. 80 to Rs. 200 depending on the distance.

In addition, BMTC has also procured 116 Ashok Leyland Non AC buses to connect the airport to the City. Named Suvarna, these buses will ply during peak hours of the morning and evening. The cost for each trip in these buses will range between Rs.20 to Rs.90 per trip, depending on the distance traveled.

P.S : The fares indicated above are 1 BMTC, 2 Autos, and 3 Taxi.

Now, its time for most of us to wait and watch how things are turning around for the new airport and already there are assurances and some encouraging plans are in the queue …. So let’s hope for the best.


Himanshu Sheth said...

Hey Alok,
Lof of big changes happening wrt infrastructure in Bangalore and this could be a major step again in Bangalore history.There is a huge difference between Mumbai and Bangalore airports[taking into consideration all the points] and this airport would really be a big boost to Bangalore and would bring it on par with Mumbai(though both the cities cannot be compared).

I remember that during my visit to Singapore, it was so difficult to get in the Bangalore International Airport and this could solve all the problems.However, the con is "It is far off from the city" as you said - We need to wait and watch :)

-Himanshu Sheth

Shams.. said...

This is going to make a big change in b'lore like everybody said.. I hope it does too!

I'm one person who is happy with the location ;) its near to where I stay, going home wouldnt be difficult now!!!

anywyas, lets see whats gonna happen!

Smriti Srivastava said...

Is this a Deja Vu??? Nopes. This is exactly what happened when the SHAMSHABAD AIRPORT was opened here in Hyd. Sure, everyone loves the new swanky airport, but almost two months on and we are still getting used to taking a two hour road trip to catch a 1-hr flight to Chennai.

The outer ring roads and other related infrastructure would be fully functional at least 2-3 years from now, and THAT is a figure on paper...who knows if it WILL ACTUALLY work out that way.

As of now, All the very best to the BIAL...hope things are in place soon and the passenger comfort is the top-most priority.

GMG said...

Oh Lord, hopefully it will be better than Heathrow Terminal 5... ;))
Thanks for your comment on Blogtrotter, which is still around Marrakesh. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

Alok said...

@himanshu - yes there are lots of changes that we can see but the one things that hits back is that - by the time some project is completed (never mention those delays and other problems come in between) the rate of growth/change makes it not so useful or may be good for nothing. The point here, is that those planning(s) made were lacking to see the future changes.

Yeah ! hopefully BIAL is not one among those project. It looks to me bit futuristic though :)

Alok said...

@shams - good so now onward you don't have to worry much when you next plan trip to your home or anywhere.

@smirti - yeah ! looks like pretty similar situation :) that's exactly the cause of worry, you never know when those paper stuff will appear in reality.

But for now, I am eagerly waiting to catch the flight from BIAL, next month end ... hoping the best.

Alok said...

@gmg – BTW, it already operational and I too hope the same :)

Thanks to you too for dropping by here and the comment.