Monday, May 26, 2008

Life is all about a Yes and a NO !!!

How I wonder each and every day life show us with something new, something different, may be something really special. And sometimes there are those beautiful hidden moments that our eyes fail to recognise, there are those smiles that fail to grasp our attention, there are those words that fail to reach our ears, there are those fragrances that fail to chase our nose and how many times a idea crossed the mind without even giving a hint of it.

Is that the ignorance or its something that we over shadowed by not knowing what it could be or its just that we don't know; what we don't know yet? I believe most of the time we lack the spirit of taking a truly courageous step in the life, and to mold it the way it’s directed to us rather then forcing it for a change what it is not.

And there was this thought in my mind the entire day … “Think before saying a ‘NO’ and think twice before saying a ‘Yes’. Life is all about a Yes and a NO, so why wasting your chance”. As such life doesn't give anybody a second chance and we are so bounded with momentum of the ticking clock that it's a difficult (probably impossible) task to go back and modify it by turning the clock back.

To add to my thoughts, coincidently, I read an article and found something that really echoing the state of mind, what I was thinking “Consider the postage stamp. It secures success through its ability to stick to one thing till it gets there”. Walking under the sky, taking up the challenge I decided; I will never let go a Yes as NO or a NO as a Yes; It’s my life and it’s never too late for me to catch up with it anytime if I missed something in-between. I was blessed yet again with the fading rays of the red colored sky that assured me, they are with me to show me the unknown paths ahead in my life... ensured me that I was not walking alone.


Diva said...

Beautiful!!! Thats all I can think of... Such amazingly simple yet extraordinary thoughts about life... :) :)
Every word u've written is so very true... Its about as simple as saying YES or NO to your own happiness....
Life is always giving you opportunities and putting you into these different situations where you need to choose... and when it does so, its up to u to choose whether you want to say YES to happiness or say NO to it!!
:) :) ...
The choice is always ours :) :)

cruisemaniac said...

Alok bhai, Thanks for visiting my blog.

And you've become a fulltime philosopher nowadays... Really good content.


Varada said...

good one... love reading your blogs!!


Alok said...

@diva – thank you so much, as always quickly pointed to those echoing thoughts :)

@ cruisemaniac – ashwin, heheheheh … I really dono need to be one ! everyone of us here is a full time philosopher for their life. Thanks for dropping by here and hope you having a good time at your new pad :)

@ varada – thanks, glad to see you liked them :)