Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Treasure – The Choco Smiles

I have had experience being special in every small ways, and I thank god for giving me all those happy & cherished moments. With each such moment I am convinced fully with the idea that a gift can never be weighed by the money spent on it but the love and respect tied with it. And truly, there is no shape, size or time for giving a gift to someone you really mean it.

It happened to me some long time back; I had received a pack of chocolates from an unidentified source (hahahah!!). I didn’t know who send it to me. The only thing I knew that my name was written on the ‘to address’ and it did its part of magic to bring a big smile on my face and nevertheless I re-visited those days I left some 20 or more years ago. It was then the days when I didn't know anything what a chocolate is for but always wish to have one in my hand and melt it inside the mouth. How I wish to see the crowd around me again, who enjoyed their part of share from it :)

Without thinking much, I recognized it as the treasure for having some great people around me. Though at that time I was at the receiver end, it was not difficult for me to understand 'the gift of giving something you have'. If I think of that day today, I can only wonder who that person can be!!!

I picked this picture today from my dusty memory for Cuckoo’s Point & Shoot gallery. I still remember, I put some of those chocolates on the table and just clicked on it and now it looks to me a thing of almost a year back happened as if yesterday :)


Solitaire said...

I love surprises!! Not only the feeling but the recognition that someone out there cares for me so much to put in those efforts. :)

Have a nice day!

Alok said...

@solitaire -Yeah! I know surprise-care-effort all are tied with one thread :)

Cuckoo said...

Hmmmm... your story and the photo... I can relate to both. :-)
This time I can see a very tough competition. Everyone is coming up with a new meaning of treasure. :-)

And if you win this time, don't forget to bring in your trophy and hopefully something else too. :)

All the best !


Alok said...

@cuckoo – Thank you so much :)

Yeah! A healthy competition is that I always look for … but at times I really don’t think about winning or losing the competition rather I am just happy being part of it.

I may look the photos in different ways because I relate them with some incidents or thoughts of mine and coincidently that’s exactly I found in your blog too and perhaps its one of the reason why I like your blog :)

And sure !!

Have a great weekend ahead …

Shunty : said...

WoW ! !

I just tried to imagine how do we feel when we receive chocolates from an anonymous person...

Awesome feeling..

Cuckoo said...

Congratulations Alok !

You are the winner. Pls pick up your trophy and for other things check my blog.


Alok said...

@shunty – That is indeed a awesome feeling and above all its unforgettable in most of the cases :)

Alok said...

Cuckoo – Thank you so much, yippee !!!

I am really flattered now :)