Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Kya apko K.I.L.B hai?

I am hearing lot about an ad, now days and I guess it is rightly pumping the curiosity among the viewers before the actual product or whatever hits the market. I don’t know the purpose of this Ad, it looks pretty ordinary though and maybe another stupid, malicious Ad on the row. I know most of such Ads used as part of viral marketing and immediately vanish from the earth. I am not a marketing expert but that’s my opinion.

“Kya apko K.I.L.B hai?” Here, Irfaan Khaan is appeared as a doctor and asking this question, I am not sure to whom he is asking and what could be the idea behind such a question without giving a background. And the other big question is when he became a doctor from an actor? I think, he best suits with the later and seeking help for the publicity of the product and for himself.

The other thing is this speculation that it’s a Vodafone Ad for the launching of its iPhone services, remember the earlier Ads by Irfaan Khaan for Vodafone. No doubt he is a fine actor but those Ads are no better than shit. As stupid as the Ad maybe I am, by clicking this picture on my way back to home few days ago but you need to dump that shit :D

BTW, the purpose of this blog is to mark the waiting for formal/official launch of iPhone services in India, and as always my bet is on Airtel only.

I am looking forward to experience one of the best gadgets ever created by human mind so far, who cares in what format of advertisement is used by the services providers or anybody for that matters.

P.S : What could be the full form of K.I.L.B ? it can be anything you wish to put in there like, Khote iPhone Leneka Bemari :D

*** Update : One of my friend told me that it looks to turn out something different, heheheee, I mean ... K.I.L.B – Kyonki I love BIGAdda. If it is true then I pity on those advertiser's effort and nevertheless the product itself. I am not sure what next though :D


Princess Shoa said...

Your wait is over, Airtel is launching the Apple iPhone on 22nd Aug. BTW, you seem to be a very rational in thinking.. about this KILB, Voda et al, however I am still not able to comprehend why a electronic gadget like iPhone, which has nothing except the multi-touch screen, is being branded by you as the best of the creations of mankind... iPhone is nothing exceptional except Steve Jobs doing something which he is best in the world at... creating HYPE!

Smriti Srivastava said...

I haven't seen this ad yet :(( Havent been watching the idiot Box AT ALL lately...

I love Irfan Khan...I think he's just awesome at whatever he does...but yeah, some ads do suck and make a waste of talented actors and production team..

iPhone...yaaaawwwnn!!! Its way too much hype as far as I am concerned :P

Btw, I am on Airtel so I bet Airtel as well... :P

P.S. Best mobile phone ads that I've seen are by Reliance...the ones where there are all those kids playin cricket n stuff..

P.P.S - K.I.L.B = Kaunse Indians Lalloo Bante :P My stupid take on that ;)

Alok said...

@Princess Shoa – Thanks for dropping by at my blog and your comment.

That’s a good thing that iPhone is finally lunching in India. And why I am pretty excited about iPhone; well! There are many reasons that require another blog and I am sure most of us here will agree to the points. To given an idea, why iPhone is not just a multi-touch screen mobile phone you may need to browse through the apple web site. It wouldn’t take much time to understand that iPhone is a combined effort of couple of top notch gadgets that already rocked the market since many years, to name one such product is iPod and not to forget the GUI, user experience. I am sure, if you have ever used an iPod you know how is the experience, as far as I know 98% people I talked about iPod they are more then happy to own such a gadget. Now when you see such an extended effort put in to build a far advanced gadget and everybody else in the market far behind from it then I don’t deny the element of HYPE, and I feel there should be such things when a uniquely defined product hit the market. Perhaps, it’s an indication human mind is at its best. I guess then the HYPE is auto-created.

Setve Jobs is a genius in the computing world who just not only surviving with his intelligence but also the things he delivered to this world.

You may like to read my post on iPhone launch in India, pls. do drop in here again. Thank you, again.

Alok said...

@smriti – Coincidently, I too dono watch the idiot box :)

Ah ha!! Did’t you notice that I spotted the Ad on roadside and not on TV. Anyways, the whole idea for the blog was not the Ad or Irfan Khaan but the speculation that’s going on about Vodafone and iPhone ;)

The sole purpose was to highlight ‘iPhone’ dono require any such promo or Ads, and as far the HYPE part is concerned do read my comment to Soha.

P.S : as per the last update, given by one of my friend it looks to turn out something different, heheheee, I mean ... K.I.L.B – Kyonki I love BIGAdda. I am not sure what next though :D

I can say, you tried well that’s a so called HYPE in politics ;)

Himanshu Sheth said...

Hey Alok,
Couple of things:

1. This article is a mix of many things and this would be the best example of Viral Marketing for iPhone , remember even a bad/average review is good for a product :)

2. The Irfan Khan commercial is not viral and you can term in Seth Godin terminology as "Ad belonging to the TV industrial complex" where advertisers would interrupt viewers with Ads.In fact, this animated Rajnikanth commercial may be considered viral.
In Indian context, either take big stars in Ads or make something very emotional like Sharukh Khan airtel AD that covers all the ages and really makes you feel that "You Need AIRTEL" :)

3.IPhone is a gadget all (Indians) have been waiting for now :) As you have told Hype but Hype is created since Apple has continuously delivered world class products(though I have only used the iPod).Also, the feeling of belonging to have an APPLE product is great.Also, as others have commented that Steve Jobs is good at creating HYPE but imagine if that hype is not created than would MACWORLD happen? And again, is it Steve Jobs creating the hype or Bloggers like you & me creating hype in article & comments :)


-Himanshu Sheth

Himanshu Sheth said...

Hey Alok,
Forgot one thing: You can include this article of mine as a Viral Marketing example :)

-Himanshu Sheth

Alok said...

@himanshu – Thanks for your comment and the pointers to the viral marketing. Hey! don’t consider me as a marketing guy anyways; I think you can better speak about that ... And I guess its early, we need to wait and see the strategic of the advertisers to actually not term it as a viral marketing concept.

First of all, it’s quite understandable that since products like iPod or iPhone has a potential in them, it’s the customers or I can say the fans impressions make it more visible to the world than a particular blah … blah … Ad. As you have very rightly pointed out that they are the people who want to see it being top of all other similar product because they love it and they found the value in it. And that’s the point people who are less know about the product family finds it’s a new HYPE in the trendy market or it’s linked to couple of other things in the past. BTW, how many times somebody has seen an Ad of iPod, for that matters even iPhone? (check my reply to Smriti).

Setve Jobs, is one of the key player in creating a successful brand like ‘Apple’, so certainly he holds a value for any of the apple’s products.

Alok said...

@himanshu - Hey, sure I will add that here, its looks to me a pretty interesting post.

Himanshu Sheth said...

Hey Alok,
In case you have not noticed, the K.I.L.B suspense is out it is "Kum Insurance Lene Ki Bimari".

Check it out here

-Himanshu Sheth

Alok said...

@himanshu – Thanks for the update. The advertisement is already on air. Looks likes it has lost the curiosity and charm after the first play itself.