Friday, August 29, 2008

Weekend ways, movie mania !!!

I am back here again after a gap. Needless mentioning I am held up with tons of work and working long hours in office is what I find the only way to make myself free. How I wish, I have four hands :) and two brains with 2 GHz dual core inbuilt processors to finish my work quickly whenever I wanted to...

Somehow I managed to watch a movie this week by taking off some free time. And I can’t believe the way I found this movie to watch and finally finishing it without taking a break or skipping a single sense. The movie was Serendipity, overall it was a great movie to watch. A perfect love story, I enjoyed it the way I did after watching the movie “A lot like love”. This was little older movie than the later but still I was never missed to watch this version of the love story. Now the interesting thing was that I picked this movie accidently and the story of the movie also talks about things happened accidently and how everything in our life happens for a reason. I must say it’s a well crafted movie and worth the time spent watching it.

The tagline of the movie is really appealing “Can Once In A Lifetime Happen Twice?” I could only able to realize how this movie coincidently put across all those untold things of life that somehow somewhere cross the path of most of us. And the best quote I picked from this movie - "Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences. Uh-uh. But rather, its a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan. And how do you figure out that something is going to happen or not in the very next moment, "Maybe the absence of signs is a sign."

I also watched another movie I guess sometime last week and surprisingly it’s neither English nor Hindi but Telugu. Actually I was counting it for the second time, in the first occasion I watched it all in first forward (FF) mode and I liked the movie very much. The fact remained the same for the second time also that I don’t understand Telugu but thanks to the English sub-titles for making it easy for me. I know most of you must have heard about this movie called “Bomarillu” (english meaning: A toy-house). A blockbuster movie which gave a different angle to the thoughts that not all movies with love story are the same. And yeah, you are right, though the story revolves around the hero and majority of it goes to Siddarth, I bet Genelia D'Souza performed exceptionally well in this movie. Now if you say, I am watching lots of Romantic/Family movies now a day, then well! I had enough with action and si-fi series and giving them a break from this hyper-active brain :D

Now, before I go and wait for the next weekend to pop up here and you guys switch from my blog to some other url, make sure you listen to this song of Bomarillu because that's my favorite. Hey, then possibly don't forget to find your DVD to watch it completely, if you were not already watched.


Diva said...

'Life is not just a collection of mere coincidences, but a tapestry of events which are already part of an exisiting sublime plan' :) :)

See, i even rem the dialogues :D :D Yipeeee... Serendipity is one of my biggest faves.. can watch it anytime and it will make me smile and cry at the same time!!!
It passes on simple messages in a beautiful way and I love the way the story unfolds.... Miracles will happen in life if you believe :D :D

On the other hand,Bommarillu for me has only been an over-rated movie of sorts. I like Siddarth's acting better in the movie,....will not talk further :)
I can watch the movie for the songs and Siddarth once again though!!!

Lakshmi said...

must watch serendipity..havent watched telugu movies seem to be having fun :)

Unkown said...

hey serendipity and lott like love are reall good movies..
Bomorillu..who doesnt like it..:)
espically when she giggles.. and says.."haah hasini " :)

Solitaire said...

I saw serendipity this week too!!!

GMG said...

Hi Alok! First of all many thanks for your comment on my post of 08.08.08 at 08h08 at Blogtrotter, now in Kos, Greece! It was great to read you there. Second, sorry for the long delay to come here, but August was a terribly busy month, as everybody else seems to be in vacation… ;))
Anyhow, I found sometime now to land here and enjoy your blog. Great treat!
Wish you a great weekend!

Alok said...

@diva – Yeah! I know now the movie ‘serendipity’ is yours favorite too :)

@lakshmi – you bet, I am having good time with my work and movies. I watched another movie yesterday “Across The Universe”, will update my review. I guess another must watch in that list.

Alok said...

@unknown – welcome here and thanks for your comment. Yeah! I can still remember that scene from “Bomorillu”, I think that’s one of the cutest or I can say the childish way of telling the name :)

Alok said...

@solitaire – Ah! that’s a coincidence, hope you have enjoyed that movie.

@gmg – Glad to see you back here, hope you too had a great weekend.

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