Sunday, August 03, 2008

Glimpse of Chilika lake

From my reminiscences, here I am today to tell you about one of the amazing train ride I had. I was specifically took the early morning train to Bhubaneswar the reason being to watch the sun climbing up from behind one of the amazingly beautiful lake somebody could ever see. My destination was different but I was utterly delighted by the glimpse of this lake on my way.

Chilika is one of the largest brackish water lakes in Asia covering more than 1,000 sq. kms and also uniquely popular for its bird sanctuary. It is situated east coast of India, around 105 K.Ms south of Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Orissa. So here you go with my collection of photographs that I have taken while the train passing by the southern part of Chilika, a stretch of around 40 K.Ms.

The bridge over Rushikulya river , Just after few from Berhampur.

"You don't need somebody to interpret for you what a beautiful sunrise it is."

The first close encounter with the lake, its nevertheless looks like a sea …

East-Coast Railways tracks running side by side of the lake.

Passing by Chilika Railway Station

You can find the details information about Chilika by checking the official website here.

P.S: All of the pictures were taken form inside the moving train.


Cuckoo said...

Awesome pictures, Alok !! Chilika lake is on my list to visit. Lets see when it happens.


Alok said...

@cuckoo – Thanks for the comment, I have another set of photographs which requires a new post so don’t forget to check it next week :)

Hey, if you are planning a trip tp Chilika then don’t forget to load your camera with at least 4 GB of memory :) before you are there and its heaven for people how want to picture birds.

Munmun said...

I haven't been to Chilika, but I cherish a long time desire to explore it. Your pictures are amazing!

Ash said...

Lovely images!

Alok said...

@munmun – I am glad you liked those pics. Next time you are here, try to plan a trip to Chilika, if possible. And you know catching up with birds from around the world, specially from Russia is something that one need to experience for a life time :)

@ash – Thank you :)

AJEYA RAO said...

Hello Alok,

First time here, I am sure the information here should help me in many of my travel plans.

Lakshmi said...

awesome...this trip was supposed to happen a few months ago but got cancelled...will get in touch with u, when i finally get there

Rauf said...

oh just beautiful Alok., heard a lot about the lake. i love the train picture. i am fascinated by railway tracks, the noise is music to me. added attraction are the birds, hope i make it this year. Thanks so much for the information Alok. Waiting for your next post on Chilka

Cuckoo said...

Alok, be ready with your picture on treasure. I'll be posting mine in a week's time. And this time it is a surprise !!

Waiting for your next post on Chilika. You'll be surprised again. :)
Also, mention when is the best time to go there.


Alok said...

@ajeya – Welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment.

@lakshmi – thanks for your comment. Sure! Let me know if I can help you something :)

Alok said...

@rauf-ji – Welcome to my blog and thanks for the encouraging comment :)

@cuckoo – The best time to visit Chilka would be oct – feb, I mean the winter season. One more thing it’s well connected by rail / road, so no problem whatsoever to reach there.

Yep! I am ready with the treasure pictures but what’s that surprise ? I am losing my patience now :)

tanu said...

Very nice pics. You are really a great photographer :)
I liked all the pics but I am in love with the moon, so my favourite is the Moonlight one.
I was really looking for some comments, more of a feedback on my shots, as I am a beginner in this new activity or passion of mine. :) and u seem to be an experienced one .

Really nice to see ur blog, the pics and the words :)

Smriti Srivastava said...

I seriously think you should consider taking out a Coffee Table book of all the pics u took in train....some of them are pretty spectacular...and I know u aren't done yet..there's still many more bridges/rivers for u to click, isnt it?? ;)

Alok said...

@tanu – thank you very much hai-ji.

I am really glad you liked those pictures and the blog. And thanks again for the encouraging comment that helps in keep improving stuffs :) well I may not be a great photographer but it just out of my passion I click on things that comes on my way. I see a meaning, a different world in it and around me where I can say, Alok – too good hai yaar :)

aap aishi hosal aapzaai karte rahiye !!!

Alok said...

@smriti – thanks for the comment and yes! someday you may find the coffee table book on your table :) thanks again.

The road is longer than where my eyes can spot the end of it. “Abhi tu ye suruat hai, Delhi abhi dur hai !”

Archana said...

Captivating place..indeed beautiful ...Awesome fotos!...from a movin train...gr8 job....

sushilsingh said...

Chilka Lake (also Chilika Lake) is a brackish water coastal lake in India's

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River, which drains into the northern end of the lake, and the northerly

currents in the Bay of Bengal, which have formed a sandbar along the eastern

shore leading to the formation of a shallow lagoon.
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Alok said...

@archana – Thank you so much for your comment, I am glad to see you here.

Aisehi visit karte raho aur encourage karte raho :)

indicaspecies said...

For pictures that you shot from the train, this is fabulous.

Just last evening, I read a post on Chilika Lake and now your pictures are a lovely treat to continue dreaming of Chilika.

Alok said...

celine, thanks for the comment. Just don’t dream about Chillika :) its a heaven for all those bird watchers, what say for your next trip?

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