Saturday, August 09, 2008

When will be the today?

Sometime, I wonder some people really don’t live their present and they always live with a hope of tomorrow. The whole point here is why wasting all your good time by giving it to such people? You can't really help it.

An Interview that happened today :-

Interviewer (starting with the first question) : How much rating you will give to your C Programming skill in the scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest score).

Candidate (very thoughtful posture with her ever slow accent) : I want two days of time to rate myself.

Interviewer (wondering about what answer is this, two days ...) : Is that so difficult? You can rate yourself as of today, wouldn’t you?

Candidate (still thinking, hiding her confusion) : Right now I rate myself 2 but if you can give me two days of time then I would like to rate myself 5.

Interviewer (trying to clear the confusion about rating) : you are rating low on the day of Interview and expecting a good rating after two days? Hope you are prepared for today. Moreover, you have mentioned in your CV that you have one year of Industry experience.

Candidate (with a blank gaze) : I mean, I can still do better...

Interviewer (thinking to pick the most simple question) : Okay, we will start then ….

What is the return type of printf() function?

Candidate (charging up) : I don’t think prinft() function returns any value because its used to print the characters.

Interviewer (no reaction to the stupid answer, going ahead with the next question) : What is a pointer?

Candidate (thinking her first answer is correct, gaining back her confidence – answering quickly) : Pointer is used to fetch data from database.

Interviewer (enough for the day, wondering from where this database came into picture) : Ok, so we are done !! Thanks for your time here today with us. Any question from your side that you would like to ask us?

Candidate (with a wide smile) : No, I don’t have any question. Thank you!

Interviewer (copying the same wide smile on his face, still wondering … ) : Sure!

And finally, after the candidate left the room; he pulled the feedback form and started laughing while drawing the biggest ZERO, till now on an A4 Sheet.

Is that the time or the attitude or the untold effort that mark the difference between today and tomorrow? Perhaps, its mix of all of them and just waiting/wanting for the time or passing by the time wouldn’t bring any changes someone like to see.


Ash said...

Interesting :-)
Made me chuckle.

Richa said...

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Jaydip Mehta said...

Quite Funny interview ..

Alok said...

@ ash - I am still wondering, there are people, who can appear interview without even giving a second thought to their preparation?

Alok said...

@rich - Thanks for the invitation, will contact you soon to know more about siliconindia.

Alok said...

@jaydip – It may look funny to many of us, but truly it wasn’t for that candidate.

Munmun said...

We all are somewhere somewhat big procrastinators - sometimes it is the attitude ("I am lazy"), sometimes over-confidence ("I am actually much better if I work hard tomorrow"), and sometimes its simple stupidity.

A tomorrow only makes sense when we can make some sense of today!

Alok said...

@munmun – “A tomorrow only makes sense when we can make some sense of today!”

That’s so true to my understanding too.