Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Idiot, me …

There are things about person(s) that many of us fail to realize, perhaps we take more time to understand the person first and realizing the words by the person later, or may be other way round. And when we realize those words, it’s too late to understand the person, ending up with things that our eyes can see but our mind can never believe. What we find a total out of sync view, quite but dangerous. So many times trying to fix this unpredictable view just to make it bigger and bigger. You see it, believe it and react to it but fail to grasp the reaction. It is the law of nature that for every action there is equal and opposite reaction (not necessarily visible to eyes). We started piling our out of sync thoughts just to annoy our self. Oh yes, I was pointing my finger at others and accusing them of things for which I was equally, if not more guilty.

I discover the idiot, who pointed the things that annoy us about others are often characteristics we posses. And me just was trying to escape from the out of sync view and was laughing at idiot asking who is responsible for that ?


Himanshu Sheth said...

Hey Alok,
The law is "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction"...I guess you meant that?

Are you talking about some of the BOZOS who you find at each and every place?

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@lok said...

Thanks Himanshu, that was a typo error :)

yes, perhaps they are a source for the change around anyone.

N said...

u have been tagged alok :)