Thursday, May 10, 2007

The 'ten' tagged

Things turned out to be simple if some one tagged you, as you started recalling all good or weird things about you. I guess for me it is not that easier task. And this time Nags has tagged me and now I am pushed to write ten interesting facts/things about myself. I really don’t know at this point of time, how it could be ?

Okay lets starts without putting much thoughts, whether it can be the list ...

1. I love exploring new places; traveling is just another passion for me. You can always find a long list of places to visit and couple of travel guides on my desk.

2. Last month I had been to Vaishno devi ji, which happened to be a memorable and wonderful trip. Perhaps it was the first time I visited so many temples with a short period of time, felt great. Check the below photo that I took at Bhawan.

3. My favorite place is Kanyakumari and sometime I completely lost there to find myself. Now you can guess who can be my Idol.

4. There are few people how annoyed me more then anything else, but then the contradictory part is I love them all because they can be the source of Ideas. They are around me always :)

5. I find myself at a very distant place when it comes to games. And now I am gradually loosing interest, watching India cricket team. Sometime I do feel bad not being optimistic in this regard.

6. The difficult thing you will find in me is that I am not difficult for anything I wanted to do.

7. I started learning guitar some eight months back, but unfortunately lost the track and could only able to attend three classes till now. It’s again the alarm time for me to catch up with the track and then find the lost interest.

8. I often overspend on things which could have done otherwise, I know finally we shouldn’t regret what we have done. It’s all with a good intension and things will definitely not on the other side.

9. I couldn’t able to distinguish between breakfast, lunch, snacks time and dinner. They are always there for me with out being specific.

10. Last but not the least, I am completely fade up with the traffic in Bangalore roads and hate to move at peak hours. I am totally helpless. Sometimes wonder when the metro railways will start the shuttles, hope I am not dreaming again.

That’s the ten from me. Finally, I wanted to tag all of them who are going to read this post of mine :)

- Have a nice time -

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