Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Weekend & Spiderman

Yet another weekend, this time planned to watch a movie and yet again a planned event. I had experience of postponing movie plans at the last moment but this time didn’t because the movie was Spiderman 3. I am always having preferences for these types of movies. Resh was accompanying me, everything was on time.

The movie was pretty good and found completely opposite what some of my friends already given their expert comments :) I know, this time the superhero caught with the emotional syndrome but no way it affected the movie’s them. The message was pretty clear “We have always many choices in our life and our choice reflects who we are. And it’s always possible to turn down the wrong choice and chose the right one, the best one”. Also the movie has some cool special effects, so guys again you shouldn’t miss to watch this movie.

After movie, we went to a nice place to have our dinner. Our discussion took a off path from movie and it’s not over I got a chance to hear so many interesting stuffs about business and technologies from Resh, I guess she is pretty good in it, some gifted skills. The ‘sarson ka saag’ and ‘makai ki roti’ was having an amazing effect on it.

A cool movie, a great dinner and a good start of the weekend...

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Serpen Phlox said...

Spiderman 4 claims for a director changing

where are you guillermo del toro (pan's laberynth, hellboy) we need you

shammu.. said...

Glad to know u had a beautiful weekend!

Himanshu said...

Hey Alok,
I missed it dude :) Good that you enjoyed the movie and also the company :) Nice to see Business also rolling out in such converastions...Would be interested to know about the business talks that you had(yes,I am mean :) )....

Sarso ka saag that is very mouth watering :)

Need to watch Spiderman-3 though I guess I won't understand much...

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Himanshu said...

Hey Alok,
Nice you had a good time but were you able to see the mistakes in the movie...I hope at least you noticed some...check this link


Shefali Gaur said...

usi din jaana tha na tum logon ko jis din main hyderabad main thi; bataati hoon main tumhain!!!!