Saturday, May 26, 2007

Are we getting bored soon ... ?

Yes, one reason I could find is that the world is getting smaller and smaller every day. Mobile phones and low cost airlines are now able to cut down any distance. We are leaving in a world where technology is having more control on life then anything else. We are staying so close yet our minds made us so far to reach. Too many choice and too many options for anything and everything in life, slowly but gradually we are making our life an artificial one.

The other reason could be the desire of searching always for the better or the best option, sometime put us in a situation were we can only think of the worst. Nerveless as long as we are able to find a reason to make ourself happy, we hardly bother whether it’s right or wrong or something else. Searching for better options in life never finishes but ofcourse the time. And when we realized it, we don’t have more than one option. Blaming others for what we have lost is just another way to show we’re still searching and got bored with what we have on hand. Life has so many things to offer us but hey, we don’t have time to take up all those. We are leaving in a limited world, again. We find so many “Why” questions and no answers for “How”. In the fast moving life we have closed our eyes for not to see any obstacle in the journey we are on but want to reach at the destination in the time that no other one has ever reached …

The big dreams that stolen the sleep now, again and again pushing us to the world where we first started dreaming, things were much simpler and easier there. Perhaps that’s the other life we grow and grow old with the complexity in and around us.


Himanshu Sheth said...

Hey Alok,
I definitely agree to what you have witten.Distance is becoming less but yet too far Fo eg.Take the case of Reliance phones which have become so cheap,that distances have become less...but yet,people have less time to spend in person.

Your post also remembers me something told by Guy Kawasaki "One thing which is socially acceptable in Entrepreneurship is killing (competition)" but this is being in everyday life which is not good :)

As you have written Technology has become a part and parcel of everyday life and this is where we are losing on our personal life.It is good humanity is respected still...may be after some time,this would be existing at all :)

What ios your take on this?

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alok said...

Thanks Himanshu for sharing your thoughts.