Monday, May 21, 2007

A Perfect Lunch on a weekend :)

I always remind myself that the best thing in life comes in small packs. Something better was awaiting for me for the day. After bad power cuts whole yesterday but I woke up to witness one of the wonderful morning. Sometime later, I got a reminder call from Shfu, saying not to miss the Lunch at her place. I have already heard lot about her cooking skills from Resh & others but had missed few occasions earlier. Over the period of time I wonder how my food habit has changed and see! now I am a big junkie who has lost the taste of home food.

So there I go and enjoyed a fun filled lunch. I am still wondering how she managed to prepare so many stuffs without even taking anybody’s help. No doubt she has done a great job, a big thanks to her. The food was amazing, (shefu, if you are reading this blog), and for me it was one of those few perfect lunch on a weekend with the touch of home food to it.

And this time I counted my weekend with good food, good people and good some places to explore :)

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Neetusid:) said...

we are alwez lost in finding happiness fr ourselves... working... and neglecting small things that make us happy!
glad u cd find one sch thng...... :) keep writin!!