Saturday, April 14, 2007

300 - Prepare for glory

Today I watched the movie called 300, just loved it the way everything was presented. Mind blowing graphics and my eyes were wide open for those two hours and it hardly blinked. I don't have lot of things to say about the movie but it is an excellent movie to watch. One need to sit and watch in front of the big screen to get into every scenes of the movie and experience the all new special effects with some great back ground music score.

The dialogues are wonderful, I wish I could record it … waiting till I buy the DVD. Here goes one very interesting one ..

Persian Officer: Fools! Our arrows will blot out the sun.
Stelios: Then we will fight in the shade!

So guys don't miss it, I can say worth spending your time and nerveless the message of the movie was very clear.


Anonymous said...

Yes, i have heard that the movie is mindblowing, i am yet to waatch it :)!

N said...

i heard its good too! gotta watch it soon

Neetusid:) said...

nice blog... :)

nd well 300 ws too graphical fr mi tastes!! :| guess i am grossed out easily.... bt all mi other frnds loved it!!!

N said...

thank u for being so regular and patient with my blog! really appreciate it :)

Keshi said...

heard alot abt 300. havent seen it yet.