Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yet again!

We do tend to forget things, we tend to take things easy and we do take things for granted but this time its enough… ‘enough is enough’. One after another, it’s hard to believe the mindless acts. What everybody has seen in the last few days is not just a terror attack on the city of ‘Mumbai’ but on whole of the nation. This is not happened for the first time but for many times. It’s not difficult to understand that terror strikes are unpredictable, but at the same time what hurts in such situations is that the ad-hoc response from the leaders of the country to tackle with it. In a way, it shows that a country, world's largest democracy of more than 1 billion people never prepared to respond for what called as the un-predictable situations in the form of terrorist attacks. Jaipur, Delhi, Guwahati and so many other cities are also affected in the past and things are repeating intermittently but nothing has really changed in the due course. How many more such attacks, how many innocent lives and brave soldiers need to be scarified that will help waking up the politicians/leaders of this country to take some concrete actions? Just think over it, are we the citizens of the nation so resilient? Whatever it takes, the city, the people will definitely bounce back but this time to fight and not to forget what happened yesterday.

I hate to name any of those politician’s name here because they are not worth of their names. Perhaps they are in the news and get the publicity for no good reasons. Politicians, think beyond your vote bank, think beyond your own region and stop making mockery of people's lives. It’s the high time that you should come and stand together to sacrifice your own selfish motives and focus on putting words into actions. Perhaps, the citizens of this country are watching you more closely than before; you! politicians and bureaucrats, mustn’t forget that they have given you the power to make decisions on behalf of the nation, so that you can protect its interest from all odds and for that if you enjoy the Z-Security around you then why can’t you have given a thought for the people who died just because of negligence, or I say an utterly irresponsible attitude you bear while doing something on the ground level. You have answered enough for the questions, now its time for you to take sensible action against terrorism, and as a whole it's time to do something for the country.

The only people who are responsible and accountable for these mishaps in the country are non-other than some of our own politicians and bureaucrats. Their highly indifferent attitude, negligence of duty, lack of knowledge on critical situations and above all the inability to take decisions for what we see could have prevented these kind of situations at first hand. For example, the top ministers of the state are like hopeless jerks; they even don’t know how disgustingly they handle media & pass information, totally out of focus. And citizens, now have a bigger challenge to face in terms of identifying the right political leadership. For that, we (the citizens) should stand together and must not let down exercising the power of 'vote'.

Even though I am far away and don’t know the people who died, I can feel the numbness. I can’t put it in words the pain, the sorrow, the anger that the families hold for the people who were killed for no reasons. I owe to the brave men of Indian army, the NSG, the police personal and everyone who have shown the courage and always put their life in front of Nation by saving thousands of innocent lives, and as always sent a strong and determinate message to all those involved terrorist organization that they just can’t get away with it.

The terrorists, may not have a face to show to the world that who they are? but if they have built the skills to attack innocent people, has the strong determination & motivation to accomplish their task then so do we the people of this nation are stand together to fight against them!!!! No body can divide us; the example is already set in the 3 days operation in ‘Mumbai’.

You say I am Hindu, I am Muslim, I am Christian, I am Buddhist and you think of any religions that exists but I say “I am an Indian”.


Lakshmi said...

so agree alok...i cant find one politician whom I can say I respect ..

alok said...

I think, what we need right now a strong leadership who has the courage to take decisions at given time, but the problem is that gradually the leaders are shrinking to their region or state and failed to deliver at the national level. However, I still believe there are people who can take the charge and fill the void places, for that first we (the citizens) need to exercise few of the things - ban people from any criminal background to contest elections, utilize the power of vote to the maximum.

SMRITI said...

Let us pledge today that no more innocent blood shall be lost because of lapses of politicians, and that we shall start ensuring they do their job. Let us not remain silent anymore. Hold those political criminals responsible.

RIP all the departed Souls.

SMRITI said...

Just to add...last heard, a statement that should infuriate every country loving citizen:

R.R.Patil : "Bade Bade shehero mein aise ek do incidents hote rehte hain!!"

These are the people in power! :|

aarti said...

You r certainly right.but we the common people are the ones who elect we need to be more cautious while voting, but vote we must.

kayla said...

I agree as well. It is hard to trust anyone this day and like them., Especially with politicians. You have a great blog. I found you through blogadda. I look forward to reading more from you.

Anonymous said...

Well Alok,
Being from the same city (Mumbai) where all such s**t things have happened.Whatever I could watch on TV, that was it; rest I read on the papers.

I don't have much to say or express.I watched IBN today and saw how agitated Col.Unnikrishnan's father was on the Kerala CM.

The worst part was the great CM of Maharashtra Vilasrao Deshmukh had come with his son & director Ram Gopal Varma to the hotel Taj...May be Ram Gopal is already thinking of a movie.Such are our politicians

I can only give them lot's of bad words and curses & honor to those who saved so many lives and because of whom we are alive !!


The content of this comment comes from heart, not mind so somethings what I have written may be unintentional.

-Himanshu Sheth
(An Indian)

~vagabond~ said...

I dont even know what to an NRI watching the news abroad, I have all sorts of mixed emotions...disgust at the politicians that supposedly represent our nation, anger over the entire incident, deep sorrow for the families affected by this tragedy, and a certain amount of pride for the soldiers who risked their own lives to save other lives. Despite living abroad all these years, never before have I identified more with every other Mumbaiker living in India wanting the right thing to be done.

alok said...

Smriti, yes! and ... to put such politicians on/off track is one of ours (the citizens) responsibility.

And people like RR Patil have shown us the height of irresponsibly and should be punished, for his utterly negligence to tackle sensitive security issues. There must be some law to tackle such ministers?

alok said...

aarti, you are right we must vote, I guess it's one of the power which is underestimated by many of us.

Thanks for dropping by here & the comment.

alok said...

Himanshu, I can very well understand that anger ... it’s very unfortunate to have such people in power and guess what they are totally worthless of their position, totally ignorant about the criticality of the situations and totally disgusting, what more we can expect from them?

But again, on a second thought, why they are like that? We have to answer it.

alok said...

kayla, thanks for dropping by here and the comment. Keep visiting.

If we don't trust our politician/leaders, then who will trust us or vice-versa? I am yet to figure out ...

alok said...

Vagabond, Well! I feel, everyone of us here has an important role to play but however most of us are indifferent to political issues/changes which ultimately effects our life. Let us see, how we can improve on it, I think we shouldn't be ignorant about our leaders or whoever is leading us.

I know, now the anger and emotion is running high among most of us (not sure about those politicians), I don’t know somehow they are separated from the people, I mean at the ground level and they just live for the power to rule that is provided by those people.