Monday, November 24, 2008

The butterfly Award - Something to remember

Divya, I am so flattered to see this nice gesture from your side. The pleasure is mine :)

I know that on many occasions I am lazy to put up these awards here and people please … please forgive me for that..

Now it’s not a bad idea to show off things some times :) in fact you know; there are multiple reasons why should I thank you :) And since I have to continue passing this nice thing back to you people …. here is my favorite blogs (believe me its difficult for me to pick only 5 blogs, because all the blogs which are there in the ‘Blog-roll’/’Blogs I follow’ are undoubtedly my favorite).

1. Lakshmi – The best travel blog I have ever come across. I don’t know how many times I switch to her blog in a day but I surely wish she updates her blog more than once in a day :)

2. Vagabond – You need to focus on to her name, she is truly a vagabond and an amazing photographer, and I guess she has many hidden talents to show up on her blog :)

3. GMG – I marvel at his blog, he has so many things to share with every one of us here, just so amazing. Never ending experiences from the small world, you need to go to his blog to understand what I am saying …

4. Priyanka – A thinker, a dreamer in her own terms, her blog makes me nostalgic.

5. Himanshu – The blog which talks about technology, entrepreneurs & business. And on many occasions, gave me the foods for thought.

They are rockers, and I am so glad to have them around me.

Keep blogging :)


~vagabond~ said...

Congratulations on getting the award, Alok. You really do have a cool blog. I cant believe you picked me to pass it on to...that's such a big compliment! I dont know about the "amazing" part..but I'm glad you and the others that visit my blog have patience for it.

Thanks! :)
Erm. Now I have to select my fave 5...can I select you again? lol.

GMG said...

Hi Alok! Congrats on your deserved award and many thanks for passing it to me. I'm delighted!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding me in the list dude :) Pleasure is all mine !!!

I hope that I will get more visits from your blog now !!!

Enjoy and keep blogging :)

-Himanshu Sheth

Pri said...

heyy thanks for the award and the kind words :)

alok said...

vagabond, Thank you so much :)

Hey, you can do that, ye award ki addat bhuat buri hoti hai :D

alok said...

GMG, pleasure is always mine ...

keep visiting & happy blogging :)

alok said...

Himanshu, you deserve it :)

Ah! I know you are a pacca gujju :P

Keep rocking

alok said...

Pri, you are welcome.

keep rocking

Lakshmi said...

Congrats alok and thanks for saying such nice things about my blog..I do wish I could visit other's blogs more often but am caught up in work and travelling..thanks again..

Diva said...

:) :) ... i like tags :) :) they
remind me of the concept of 'pay it forward' but of course in a different format!!! Anyways, the purpose is served... and i see a lot of happiness on this page... Keep the happiness growing :) :)