Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Bug’s life

In the recent past, I have faced many issues while using blogger services but nevertheless the fixes/solutions for the issues followed it (if not in a timely manner). The latest in the list of bugs that I am facing is with the newly introduced “Embedded below post” comment option. If you have chosen ‘in your setting options’ to use ‘embedded comment form’ then you wouldn’t be able to post any comments due to some reasons. Also, you will notice there that the drop down menu which should allow you to choose you Google username will be empty.

Check here: Discussions > Something Is Broken > Embedded Comments Not Working Options

The only work around, I found to overcome this issue for now, is to choose either of the older options available in the setting, i.e Full Post or Pop-up Window to let your blog readers to post comments. For advanced users, there is always a work around options to tweak the code and customise it :)

P.S : You may like to follow the official Blogger Help Group for any issues, they are really helpful.


Nandita said...

dude...cudn find your Sky Walk blog...:((

Nandita said...

i removed d word verification..:))

alok said...

Nandita, welcome here! hey, I said it will be posted by tonight and its up there :)

alok said...

Nandita, thank you, again!