Tuesday, December 02, 2008

We the People!!!

- There are those who plan days & months to kill innocent people and give up their ashamed lives; we call them as terrorist.

- There are those who give their own life without even thinking for a second for saving those innocent lives; we call them as army jawans (men).

- There are those people in our neighbor countries who are mindless, hopeless, insensitive, they don’t believe on their own lives and they are a threat to everyone; we call them enemies.

- There are those who promise & bring more changes but more things remain the same; we call them as the dirty politicians.

- There are people who are anger, insecure, demanding actions to be taken and who are part of an unfinished movement because they are those who pay the price and their innocent lives; we call them as the citizens.

Let us promise to ourselves that we will not remain salient spectator anymore, it is our responsibility too to ensure our leaders/and ministers in power doing their work. And issues like terrorism and saftey of the people/nation as a whole, we just can't be indifferent. We are fighting a battle today that has some known faces and many unknown faces, we have to raise our voice and be part of this unfinished movement to identify the right political leadership.

The anger is quite obvious, but why are we scare and underestimating the power of a ‘vote’? Don’t forget that ‘the vote’ we are giving today will determine our future tomorrow. If we don't give the 'vote'? perhaps then more and more corrupt and insensitive people will enjoy the power. Also, we must not forget when we vote for something that means we are not allowing certain people to find their ways. As said, we have a role to play and for that we are sensible and not a silent viewer of the system, we have every rights to bring the changes that we wanted to see... Just imagine, if we can blog/write a review for movies/songs/products that we like/dislike, can express our feelings/thoughts in the form of poems/stories and for that matters anything then why can’t we write and raise our voices against those corrupt, insensitive and highly irresponsible politicians with the same medium. Certainly, we can’t bring back the innocent lives but then it can be as pure as lighting a candle, the light may go off after sometime but the scar of words will remain and remind us until we complete the last action against terrorism.

We have lot more things to do at our end but this maybe just a step towards to let our politicians and people who are in power (ofcourse! bureaucrats are included) know that we are watching them closely than before and we are not going to compromise lives for any of their negligences.

P.S : Thanks Divya for sharing the link with us, Mumbai under attack - some of the pictures are horrifying.


AJEYA RAO said...

Very true...I agree that we just act and may be the Govt should have a talk with the public and we should share the respective support from each side. Every individual needs to be also educated on his/her responsibilites. Perhaps media can intiate this dialogue.

Anonymous said...


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Lakshmi said...

well said....

~vagabond~ said...

Very well said!

Prashant Sree said...

A lot more to be done. As they say "Everything has a beginning"

Just call me 'A' said...

alok...i think you've voiced the thoughts of a million people.
"We have lot more things to do at our end"....rightly so....but how often do we act out....there are lots of sentiments at times like this...when something happens....we are shaken out of our skin....but within a few days time the strong sentiments die down and by election time..people forget their resolutions and don't act out......
you know, i wish we all stand up but i think we all need a strong leader to get us moving...because it seems to me that we need more than just a push.

Rolling said...

my own way would continue doing what I can do - in class, when am talking to people, while writing

Well said, Alok.

Rolling said...

confused :) r u our alok frm IITB?
Thanks a lot for ur kind cmmnts in my space.
A request, can we have an archive widget, please?

Cuckoo said...

Very well said Alok !

I have jotted down some pts to do, I know some of them are difficult and time consuming, but we need to start somewhere. We, a group of friends are trying to start something. Lets see.

BTW, I couldn't comment on your latest post whenever I came here. And this song is very beautiful, have been listening since morning. :)

Request you to read some comments & my reply on my post "Raj bhaiyya". Ppl think only a group has power of vote. And we are nothing.

Mannu said...

I couldn't desist from giving my opinion on what is 'citizens'. I have described it as Common Man,(taken from RK Laxman's work), who is actually brainwahsed.
His charatceteristics are:- short-term memory; forgets easily; can be swayed away easily- by media, by cricket, by religion, by faction-ists,by Almight, by anybody; Born, very often to be killed down meekly; he is the biggest idiot because rest all-- the politicians, the soldiers, the terrorist -- are all his creations only, coming out from this common man--which you called Citizens.
We all are that common man.