Monday, March 10, 2008

On my way ...

It crossed my mind many times and I don’t have any specific answers to those questions. I know whatever happens for a reason, whether it’s good or bad you have to go by that, not as a rule but as a matter of fact. To my realization in life, you have nothing called a gain or a loss but you count it as one of your experience... a bad one or a good one, to add to your never ending journey. The journey that makes you smile, laugh or cry. You start counting upon many things, to make it a more happening one. And one fine day, you suddenly come across with somebody and you give it all away, just to see that person smiling and happier than you and often you think that their life is become your life; actually your life is no more your life but somebody else’s. In the end, nothing really matters, does that ? if you are not able to make it your way but still smiling back to the life and say – hey, I just can’t be the one, the selfish one.

The past is wiped out from the memories and you become no better than an unknown face. Your eyes can get wet but your hands are tied, the tears become no more a sign of happiness but that reminds you that’s enough for the day. You probably stepped into a wrong world, where you have to pay for your smiles, where your dreams have no meanings and all your feelings thrown out as if you’re a dead. You think you are one among the stupid on the earth but again you smile on it, because you have not done anything wrong. You go by the things that are true to your knowledge and believe – there you say live as if you are never going to die and if you are then die for the things you live.

Walking along side the quiet beach you realized that you came so far and mistaken the beautiful sunset of the day to be the dawn. As someone has rightly said – ‘Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go’. And you started thinking many times before you see the rays of hope spreading all around … in your way and again you are blessed with a new day.

Sometimes you let go things, just like that without any questions, without any answers, without any reasons, and without anything that will make you feel like a numb. Life moves on and on with time passing by you and you with time together re-discover this life, a new world that gives you back what you are, what you for. This is the beginning and a long way to go … so let’s cherish all the moments that comes your way and keep moving - keep rocking.


Diva said...

Life is a mystery,.. n always will remain one!!!The more you try to solve it, the more complicated it becomes....
It makes me feel uneasy to kno tht sometimes the good ppl end up having all the suffering...
We always try to make the right choices,....for our happiness.. to make our lives satisfactory!!!
But in the end, the choices seem wasted most times.... but we still need to hang on :)
Cos there's always HOPE :)

A masterpiece you've got there... made me smile thru' out!!! :)
Brilliant use of words.... perfectly lucid and touching!!
Keep making gud choices.... n keep writing gud blogs :)

Himanshu Sheth said...

Hi Alok,
Let me start with the good things about the article..I liked this line "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go"

-- No matter what is the context of this article, I can relate myself to this line and so can each and every person...So great one liner :)

No matter how intelligent a person is, we all make mistakes...but the question is "When do you realize you have made a mistake...or feel things would not go as per your plan...if it is early,it is great..." But each mistake is a learning, so the best thing is "WE LEARN" :)

Also,each LEARNING has a PRICE,some small..some we need to pay a PRICE...nothing comes for FREE :)

A simple solution to all is " We live in a busy world , which makes it more easy to forget/forgive"...

So,let's be like WARRIORS and they dont know the word TEARS :)

-Himanshu Sheth

Alok said...

@ diva - I do agree and thanks for sharing those thoughts. You made this post awesome :) by adding those extra lines.

@Himanshu - I have no better words, you reached the point where we have only one answer to all those, many questions :). Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.

backpakker said...

you summed it up in the last does move on ...

beautiful words..

Smriti Srivastava said...

I was just telling Diva the other day that your blogs and your comments speak the right things at the right time. At least I felt it so in my case.

I read it as I am going thru a whirlwind of emotions and when I am struggling to take control of my life. Feels like me. I know my feelins arent restricted to me..its every human. But yes, I am glad that I read it...specially now that my life is starting to "MOVE ON".

Kudos for writing something so beautiful and special... and Thank you so much, coz yet again, I have begun to realise the true power of words! :)

Keep smiling :)