Saturday, March 01, 2008

back :)

It was a bad day for him, but how did that matters ? Life has many different faces stored for us; I know him of late that he is a kind of person that I have the respect for being one of the strongest fellows in the whole gang. He holds the power and courage to do anything he wanted to do.

Why it happened ? that was the only question he was asking to himself and I have no clue whatsoever, looking at him like a numb. The only mistake he has done by putting the trust on someone whom I wished he had not. His words were strong and heart touching enough to blow out anyone, at the same time it made me wonder – what I would have done if I were at his position. I know it’s not an easy task to put yourself in somebody else shoes. I don’t know how difficult to be in such situation where you forced to manipulated yourself for no good reasons. It may be that I am the only hope and he counted me on that - there were those untold words that I heard again, was constantly looking at his wet eyes ….

He was in his world, hearing the silence and seeing the darkness that surrounded the hopes. But again he is fighting with all of them, fighting with himself and fighting with what happened and trying to gather the pieces of life. I could see that he is now stronger than ever before and his alien appearance in front of me echoed my thoughts. It was a surprise and then it wasn’t difficult to overcome the choked situation and relish the slightest joy that comes on your way!

How many times we have the realization that - in fulfilling the desires that fly with the wings of love, why to see people as a barricade who comes in the way? and what if they were trying to help without letting you know about it. or may be they were trying to be nice at times when you left with no other options. Probably, they want to mark a note that life is too short and we have only two ways to learn things either by self mistakes or by others mistakes, or may be they were counting big on all those things that you forgot to tell yourself.

I may be clueless - why things just bothers when at first place it shouldn't be but seeing someone wishfully happy is what helps you to fade away as dusty memories. There !!! the lost smile on his face is back :)

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