Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekend - Zameen par :)

These days I am occupied with almost everything and have very less time for myself to spend the way I want. It seems those old trip days are going to come back shortly – and I can tell you, there are at least 4 trips in the pipe-line for next two months yippee !!!! I am gonna make it to all of them, surely.

Now a days, I can find a new trend in blogging – to keep thing short and straight. I thought I will start writing something similar about my last weekend. So here goes …

Saturday - Dhaaba, Rohit,100 ft road, shopping, Tare Zameen par, stones, Himanshu, Moma, granny, dreams...
Sunday - Gurdwara, langar, Rohit, Anj, Lidoo mall & shopping again, serious discussions, laughing aloud, old friends, Moma, Anj, American Gangster, Mithya and my dreams.

What a weekend that was – I can't say rocking but yeah ! quite relaxing and felt pretty much happy. Watched three movies, all of them were superb and coincidentally close to reality, infact American gangster is based on a real story… awesome !!!

The highlight of the weekend was the langar, I felt so good. Thanks to buddy who out of sudden pulled or rather encouraged me to come along with him and had some quality time there.

And back again to weekdays, life goes on ……

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