Wednesday, March 26, 2008

traffic or hell ???

Today, probably I have seen one of the worst traffic jam ever. It took more than half an hour just to cover a distance of less than 2, i.e. crossing one traffic-signal. You are left with no option other then waiting and watching the crowd not moving an inch forward. It’s really a frustrating thing for anybody on a morning to exhaust all the energy in a bad traffic jam like that. But again you or for that matters anybody else is so helpless – Not really !!!

I wonder as an individual, if you can really contribute something constructive towards the never ending problem of traffic in the city, like Bangalore ?

Knowing the limited resources and limitations on infrastructure in the city, why not encourage oneself to use the mass or public transportation? Everyday I can find half of the cabs are empty on the way to office, whereas the roads are unusually packed by single-headed cars. Thanks to all those pity banks and there EMI policies, which appears very lucrative mostly to all those gangs of young IT blood. Most of the time those offers ends up with shit. Why don’t give a second thought that not only helps you but others too. If buying a vehicle is damn necessary then why not using it on road with little responsibly where the city is fighting with so many problems. You can’t be so careless and keep on blaming the govt. for every other problem that you are equally responsible for … the answers should come from you.

Perhaps this is the right time that we should act responsible and create the awareness among ourself first before the situation really go out of control. I really appreciate movements like commuteeasy. But it is yet to be used widely and effectively. As an individual if we start/contribute doing something similar like commuteeassy is intended for then ... and take a little more responsible role as a citizen then probably our daily life on the roads will be much easier and safer.

Think !! think !!

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