Friday, August 17, 2007

The Flower Show - Lalbagh

I am bit late for this post, however felt better late then never. There was a Flower Show organized inside Lalbagh between 8th to 15th Aug. Colorful flowers were making that place more pleasant then ever. My lack of knowledge on flowers was one of the root cause for not able to recognize the rare flowers among many known ones present there and finally me end up with same pocket full of roses. Anyways it was a good new experience to explore so many new flowers apart from being a part of that huge crowd.

There were already thousands of photo freaks around and clicking the camera became more difficult as everyone jumping into the view to get their favorite shots.

The glass house center of the attraction

The unstoppable crowd

Another icon of the fast changing technology. The lunch pad is right there ...

Never ending view ...

Not to miss the wonder icon, that was another attraction.

Countless flowers, made me realize the true colors of life.


akanksha said...

Well...thanks for the comment on my blog...actually i had to end the post in a hurry..even i think dat something was missing dere...
Neways..nice colourful flowers and gr8 pics here!! loved ur post!

alok said...

Thanks for the visit, appreciate your thoughts.