Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yercaud Trip !

Things turn up better when expected least, the trip to Yercaud was one of its kind and proved the saying is correct. This beautiful quite hill station of the eastern ghats is situated in north of Tamil Nadu. It's around 235 K.ms from Bangalore. Needless to mention that some of my friends was under a wrong impression and told me it's not worth going there.

Keeping up with the good spirit, we started our journey and witnessed yet another wonderful trip.

The first thing that attracts the visitors is the lake, one of the most exciting place around the heart of the small town.

View of the lake and the garden in one shot, the walk in the evening is unforgettable. This picturesque place has many things to say.

We reached The Hotel Grand Place around 4.30 PM for our late lunch and after few hours what we saw there was a complete surprise.

Bird's eye view of the small town covered with mist, it was around 6.15 PM.

I couldn't imagine a better evening, the short trek refilled the lost energy in our body.

something special about this picture, needless to mention what was that.

Lady's Seat was another breath taking place. Walking in the clouds!!!

Another vantage view of point, Gent's Seat. I was amazed by all these view points and there names, to add more the next in the list was Children's Seat
World is not enough !!!

Breakfast at Sterling, one of the best resort in Yercaud, the food was really good.

The mirchi paccoda (Bajji) stalls near the lake, had those spicy bajjis... on the way back to catch the vehicle.

*All Photographs Copyright Hello World - Alok, 2007


Himanshu Sheth said...

Hey man,
nice Photos...I liked all but one which caught my attention was the second which looks excellent :)

I think that I should take some(oh not some,lots of) tips of photography from you :)

Keep travelling & blogging

-Himanshu Sheth

alok said...

Thanks Himashu !

Yeah anytime you wish, the pleasure is mine. A student must help another :)