Wednesday, July 18, 2007

JOG Falls !!!

JOG Falls is one of the most favorite place of mine where I just want to lost. It's around 430 from Bangalore, situated north-west side of Karnataka. Some People are caught with a fear that July is not the best time to visit this place, as in rainy season you can't expect anything other then heavy rain falls. But there were those few lucky people who just didn't miss the beauty of this place and never less a wonderful trip.

JOG Falls, view from the top.

I can't imagine a better morning ...

View from the bottom.

I was so tempted to put these pictures on my blog. Thanks Siva for sharing the pictures.


Yousuf said...

Pretty cool! looks like you are not going to leave during this rainy season as well!

Can you even write about some of your experiences during your travel, photos are excellent way of sharing but little around the stay (if you staying there) how is the accommodation, people & place, and food etc...

Happy outing!

alok said...

Thanks Yousf for the comment & suggestion. Similar ideas are floating in back of my mind, probably you will find all those information in my new travel blog/site very soon. If you require any specific information, please shoot a mail to me.