Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Dream for a Green City !!!

Love Bangalore for whatever reasons I can find. It has been around four years of time since I became part of this Hi-tech city in India. As a citizen, I witnessed many ups and down with it. On some occasions I felt this city really sucks but again on the second thought every other city in this country has its own set of problems and limitations by its own. As said - a city grow when its citizen follow the growing trend with the time but what if it finds a different way breaking some of those untold rules? Well, then it can change the definition of growth. In that case then the problems are no more to be mentioned any where but as a common man you have to face it in your day to day life.

There can be many more challenging things in this city that somebody needs to address on an everyday basis and to name one such thing is the 'Traffic' issue, which is gradually playing a role of a inhibitor in the fast growing life of many people. You have read the deadlock theory in your operating system book and now you see it happening in front of you. Do you have a solution yet? Nope! so better not to mention how many time you have missed the flights or trains, or suffered a bad road block or ended up screaming on a rainy night way back to your house.

Sometime you end up spending a good more than 1 hr on the road waiting for the way to open up. Why do you do that? don't you know you only need 15 mins of your time to walk back.

An empty road ... huhh !!! I have taken this photo when the red traffic light was burning on the other side of the road :) Anyways do I need to mention that B'lr is gifted with heaven's greenery and with an awesome weather.

Can we hold on to this gift and appreciate the effort put by many of the people to grow these trees. So that not to destroy it for whatsoever reasons. I don't know if cutting these trees will able to make our fast moving life a little more faster ???

Metro Rail work is already started on M.G Road, a good sign for this growing city. I hope the plans are made in the view of the betterment of the people living in here. Now can we promise that we are not going to be a threat for ourselves by destroying the gifted things that this city offers to us ?


Tripti said...

The only key solution for the traffic jam in Banglore is REVA……I had gone through a lot of the specifications, which includes a decent range of 80 kms with one time charge and costs only 40pasie per KM !!. Its easy to park as it very compact.overall,I feel its very easy to live with this car.

Tripti said...

Recently Reva has come up with its new version ‘Reva-i’. Reva-i is packed with features like easy driving, advanced safety measures, increased speed, range and acceleration. Considering the fuel price and fast depleting environment, this EV (Electric Vehicle) technology really makes me think about this car as the need of the hour