Friday, April 13, 2007

A Day :)

Things are never the same, yeah! everyone knows “in life change is the only constant thing". It happened to me many times before and I wouldn't surprise to thinking about something unexpected. Well! I am quite enjoying the way life turned back the things to me. Hence, no complaints whatsoever. What more living every moment as if it will never come again and re-living it as if its never going to end. There are ups and downs in every but what is so different is the mantra, which tells us never to stop and never to stuck, is what a happy life all about. And today I experienced it.

The day started as usual with a happy note, some catchy music on the way to office and all the things are on track. On the other hand I am happy these days for not fighting with the morning traffic jam, Thank God!!. Moving towards after noon I got a call from one of my very old friend of my college days, it has been more than 3 years since I met any of my college buddies and to my surprise he started discussing with me, guess what !! the plan for reunion. The good thing about it is that the purposed place is Mumbai. I can’t believe it, just few days back I received a call from another graduation class mate for similar event in Hyd. I know most of them are far away and busy with their day to day work life and the same plan didn't work out for the last year. But now things have been changed completely; I wish all of us can work in the same place, like we used to be there in the college class room :). Let’s see how things are going in coming days and certainly I am looking forward to both of the events.

Then in the evening it was a much awaited meeting with 'granny' friend for the dinner. It was pending for quite some time, never mind we managed to find a quite & nice place with a good menu. Then move on to meet “Sim” for the first time. She is a gal who has good sense of humor. I guess she loves to make everyone around her to laugh as much as they can, the same way her friends do.

Now, back again … to my place, waiting for the day break.

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shammu.... said...

hope u have fun at your gettogether........