Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some Random...

It so happened with me many times and I am sure it happens with most of us. Yesterday was those rare days where I forced to be part of an argument. I was with some random friends and initially our discussion topic was something related to one of the fellow’s work but gradually the topic drifted to some nowhere. I knew, we were having good time and so those random friends justifying the meaning of random talks. Now there you go, the first 'she' abruptly pointed me saying – ‘I am became some kind of motivated speaker’, the intention was certainly not for a compliment. Me, no reaction to that comment, she understood I didn’t like that interruption and then there was another quick turn to our talk. The second 'she', was totally confused but blindly supporting her point of view. There was another 'he' equally sounding confused as the second 'she' and finding someone who can support his view point and his last hope was I. Before I thought of saying anything I looked at my watch and found it was already late and I need to rush to my work, there I go breaking everyone confusion about right/wrong, good/bad … “hey, guys we are getting late we will postpone our this random discussion for some other random time and lets hope it will have equally interesting things to take”.

So we all started moving… But there was something going on inside my mind, walking down the stairs I realized some people are so much so into themselves that they never able to understand the need of knowing what’s there beyond there thoughts. It is always so easy for someone to tune into a defensive mode and start going against something but never for something. Perhaps, they are looking at the ultimate victory or the success that brings the happiness to them. And the only way they found out to this is to prove rest of the world wrong so that they become right. I can't imagine life is only based upon good and happy things but can it be the last thing?

It is now 3.30 AM, and my alarm clock refuses to be silent (errr...). Thanks to you again buddy; you woke me up. Suddenly I recalled, I had ordered my dinner yesterday night. The guy delivered it at the said time and I received it too but .. I turned towards the table and there it is still waiting for my attention. Ah haaaa! Now I understood why I woke up so so early :)

Have a Good Day !


Jaydip Mehta said...

This one is too good, ".....going against something but never for something"

Alok said...

@jaydip - Yeah! I can see you ... visualizing the situation I was around in the course of discussion. Thanks for the comment.

-Have a nice day.

Diva said...

Its so very true that people are self-obsessed and so into themselves, that they fail to see anything else beyond their own selfishness and ego.. They do not want to lose face and to avoid that- they will very well degrade anyone else....and blame others, jsut for the heck of it! For each one, they are right in thier every way!!! Sad but true, this is how the world is.. BUT If u wanna live in it, you need to stand up for your own self!! Be what you want to be and say wat you wanna say, care a damn wat others think!! Live life your own way.. cheers

Alok said...

@diva – Yeah it’s true that “For each one, they are right in their every way!!” and I do see the points when you say “you need to stand up for your own self!!” but again its not always the question of being right or wrong or something that really make things from difficult to easy for somebody or otherwise. There are times when everybody of us started thinking we are right (own their self) without actually understanding the reasons behind it; a deadlock situation.

I know, it’s not possible to find a reason always but at the same time it’s more difficult to stand on the truths that are not visible to any. And then the situation become worst when a group or majority of people decide what’s wrong and just ignore the rest of the world.

I was wondering, can truth be elected (I mean based on the majority) ? I guess no, then how can we just ignore the rest without whom there maybe no existence of what so called ‘truth or the ultimate one’? Oooh! I am not trying to sound complex but it is those rare times which makes things looks like one.