Thursday, July 31, 2008

E-filing, life can be simpler !!!

I thought of sharing this information by putting it on blog. Most of you know that today is the last day for filling your Income Tax Returns. And now I can still find some people around - running behind those consultants, asking other for help or information to fill the form or spending time in waiting in the long queue in the Income Tax office. Well! You can avoid all these things if you able to put your little time and try doing things by yourself. So here you go with information that you need to know and for that you may click the link here and go through it carefully. I am sure after you finished reading the information provided there you will easily make out the difference that filling income tax return is no more a headache. It’s just that you have to be aware of how you should proceed with the things involved filling your return and that's exactly the website is meant for. Many of us may find it easy by handing over the paper(s) and paying some money to the Tax Consultant. In turn of that you are assured that he/she would make sure everything that requires filing the forms but I would only imagine such a situation only if it was so un-manageable for me, otherwise why should I ever be ignorant about the process and not execute it all by myself wherever I can do?

So next time you wonder from where or what information you required to start with it … Don’t forget we are into the age of WWW and we have seen many of the work is gradually shifted/shifting to this space where you can save your time and track the necessary information without really depending on some other person(s). E-filling just came along the way to rescue many of the people who find WWW is the place where no physical boundaries separate offices and the people.

P.S : Today (31st July of every year) is the last day for filling your Income Tax return, which means afterward you have to pay the fines if you have any dues.

- If you have already filled your income tax return but not aware of what e-filling is? then probably you should give a try just right now doing your part of home work preparing yourself for the next year. There you go … life can be simpler.

- If you are yet to come under the Income Tax bracket can make a note of this useful information for future use.

- If you don't have any earnings to think about what is that Income tax mean is for? then you can still go on explore to have some insights from where our Government get money to spend on various projects (including paying the money back to its employees) and other public works etc ... Perhaps, all of us should know about it. Ah! I know, trying to live upto the mark for a good citizen of this country ;)


Himanshu Sheth said...

Hey Alok,
@Nice to have put up this information.I always remember getting banged by my family members for not having paid Tax on time (:

Though, I have not used the www option, would surely explore from this year onwards !!!!

-Himanshu Sheth

Alok said...

@himanshu - Thanks for the comment.

I know now you wouldn't have an excuse for forgetting things and then later asking for, whether it’s available online ;) So mark it on your favorites.

Solitaire said...

I love e-filing! I am always frantically e-filing in the last one hour of the deadline!

Alok said...

@solitaire – Welcome to e-filling user group :) I guess e-filling comes handy at last moment ;)