Saturday, December 15, 2007

Karwar & Murudeshwara Trip !

My exploration of west coast continued, on the next day to a quiet and beautiful place namely Kawar – a port town and the district head quarter of Uttara Kanada, was my next halt. It’s around 240 from Mangalore. The most interesting thing I found about this place is that it’s having one of those quietest beaches, which would match for an idle weekend destination for many travelers. Also it offers some great surroundings with cool scenic views. Rightly, it will be a heavenly experience for people who adore the nature.
Well, it was on of those rare occasions when I pushed myself out of the bed for an unusually long morning walk. That turns out to be quite interesting when I discover both the highway (N.H 17) and the beach are moving together. Later on to add my curiosity had a good drive on N.H 17, that added to my realization - the journey of life never ends, and in the end, it's not the years in our life that count. It's the life in our years. Hahaa !!! though I was not so philosophical at that moment, it is just that my usual way of relating a good moment or view with some of the intellectual works.
The sandy beach at Karwar, popularly known as the Rabindranath Tagore beach.

The day break, just opposite side of the beach... Yo yo :) sun always rises from the east.

The toy train line, along side the beach.

INS Cahpal, Warship museum.

Kali Bridge, one can have the beautiful view of the Kali river meeting with the Arabian Sea from here.

On the way to Murudeshwar..

my brunch ..

I started back from Karwar with some different plan of traveling; to my next halt at Murudeshwara. Oh ! that was a enthralling experience for me to catch three local buses (popularly known as the KSRTC’s red-bus) for around 100 The encouraging sign there for me was that most of the people in this region can speak Hindi. That reminds me that although I went through some typical villages I didn’t find problem in communicating with the local people there.

Murudeshwara is more like a picnic sport for many. The significance of the place is due to the tallest statute of Lord Shiva. This place is also connected with the Konkan Railway and the station is around 2 from this small town. The Hotel RNS Residency is located just adjacent to the Arabian Sea, also very close to the famous Mahatobar Murudeshwar Temple. If you're planning for a stay here then this hotel could be the best option available here.

Lord Shiva, a night view of the statute from the beach

Another view of the Lord Shiva's statute


Anand said...

Nice snaps. How tall are the statue and the gopuram ? Just curious.

Nags said...

you take some really nice pics Alok. Where have you done the tag urself? I couldnt find the post

Alok said...

@ anand - The hieght of the statue is around123 ft and the gopuram is around 189 ft. You can find detailed info in the wiki too. :)

@ nags - Thank you.