Friday, December 28, 2007

A Day out in Kerela

Last weekend I had been to a memorable trip of Kerela. Actually we visited two other places too and the final destination was a small village near Palakkad. Well, I was visiting Joe’s home for the first time. He had lots of things to talk about this place, particularly about the farm house and the old age house that the village people have extended their support for the poor old people to live their rest of life peacefully.

Good, I witness the fairly simple way of celebration, specifically, Christmas in a village where peace and love are neighbors of each other - far away from the noisy city crowd. Probably this was my first encounter with such an event.

A typical Kerela style breakfast followed by sweet aapam (forgot the exact name) and then we started to explore this place that was covered with trees and mountains. Indeed it was fun, and here goes some of the pictures that I have clicked my way ...

The crib, I spotted inside the church on the eve of Christmas.

People say, Kerela is a gifted greenery place … true !

An early morning view of the un-named abounded dam

Rubber tree plantation


shooting star said...

really nice pics!!
i also made a trip to kerala very recently...though to different locations..but i mean to go back to visit palakkaad...have heard some real good tales from my one of my closest friends who' s antive of palakkad... truely it's god's own country

Alok said...

@ shooting star - thank you. Indeed, it is a wonderful place. I heard waynad in Kerela is also a amazing place, next in the queue :)

Mousumi said...

Nice blog.Nice pictures.
I liked the snaps that u ve taken,specially of the trees and logs with different angles.Really beautiful.
I haven't gone to Kerala but ve heard a lot about it.Will definitely visit it once.