Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Konark Trip

My journey continued and I reached at the world famous heritage site at Konark. The famed Sun temple, this was my first ever visit to such a wonder land. The drive from Puri to Konark along side of Bay-of-Bengal was just amazing and another highlight of the trip. It was giving me an impression as if I was sailing through the sea, to add to that an awesome weather did the rest of the magic.

This place is a "Bhool Bhulaiyaan' for many. Beware you can easily lost with the beauty of the temple. Not to surprise, the place was as usual crowded but I did hardly bother about that !!!. Being a shutterbug, I wonder if I could spend a week and still able to satisfy myself. The short stay was not enough to capture all the moments as we have to drive back.

The temple looked more beautiful when the lights were on. And the other thing that most of the people around there/tourist doesn’t want to miss is the sunset. It looks so marvelous as if the sun tries to hide itself behind the temple ….

The front view, this 13th century temple structure is based upon a chariot, which is consisting of 24 wheels.

The wheel, otherwise is called as Ashok Chakra ...

Another view, my counting for 24 completed here ...

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