Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jog Falls Trip !!!

Another week passed by me as if a long pending day. A very productive week for me and more than that I had an amazing weekend trip to a world famous place . Yes, this place was in my favorite list and it’s none other than Jog Falls, is the highest waterfall in India. It's around 400 from Bangalore, situated in Shimoga district, north-west side of Karnataka. Absolutely a mind blowing place, there were those spectacular scenic views that I got a chance to see for the very first time.

The trip started with a very high spirit and less time for preparation. We finally decided upon to start Friday night instead of Saturday. And there goes the welcome rain in B’lr which forced us to start little early then our scheduled time. Finally we started around 10 P.M and it was really good that we were on time to reached at Sagar around 7.30 AM the next day, which was the first halt. We spent some time to get refreshed and fueled ourselves just before visiting the 14th century Shree Rameshwara Temple at Keladi.

The quiet road alongside, on the way to Jog.

As Resh said - the dam(n) dried me, I am river Saravathi.

The journey continues towards Jog, which is around 30 Kms from Sagar. On the way saw the Linganmakki Dam across river Sharavathi. We were only allowed to see it from a far away place. The guide said we required to have some special permission for entering the area due to naxalite activities observed around that place. Oh damn! we didn't have that with us.

A scenic view, river Saravathi find the way towards Arabian Sea.

The weather was not so pleasant, but that really did have any effect on the excitement of the trip. We finally reached at Jog around 11.30 A.M, the first view point of the waterfall. Infact there are two different view points which are situated opposite to each other. First, the British bungalow view point (the best, as far as I found it) and the second, near the Mayura Hotel view point (the main). I think you cannot afford to miss either of them.

From the British bungalow, you can have the view of the waterfall which splits into four different tracks; named Raja, Roarer, Rocket and Rani from left to right respectively.

Jog Falls view taken from British bungalow.

The view from top, the hieght is more than 830 ft.

It was then around 1.30 P.M we had our lunch at Hotel Mayura. It is situated very close to the main view point. I swear the food in this part of Karnatak is below expectation; the only challenging part in the trip. A small break and after that started the trek of 2.5 to climb down and reach the Saravathi river bed (foot of the waterfall). The adventurous part of the trip was yet to discover; the track was so narrow and it was full of stones (different sizes and shapes). I was wondering at that time about how I am able to climb up, again . But in the end, it was worth taking the pain; the splendid views had all the magical effects that would make you easily lose yourself in it.

The main view of Jog Falls ...

Don't loose your track, the destination is calling you.

These rocks are not obstacles but mare hurdles ...

JOG Falls view from the bottom; you can find all the four different falling tracks.

Here is the place where you will rediscover the nature all by yourself many times before you take a breather.

When we came back form there it was almost 5 P.M and started our journey back towards B’lr with a tiring smile on the face. We had in between break at Shimoga for our dinner around 8.30 P.M and again moving further heavy rain falls gave us the farewell.

Someone has rightly said, happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.

That was the story of a fun and excitement filled trip at an ideal time of the year. In the comming months there are quite a few trips already queued up and I am pretty much excited about all those trips including the one to Konark. I am assured with some spectacular pictures in the coming days.
*All Photographs Copyright Hello World - Alok, 2007

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Anand said...

Cool shots of Jog falls! Looks like the water is not at its full throttle.

This place is on my list. I wish I could visit soon.