Sunday, September 23, 2007

A reason to volunteer !!!

Every year around this time there are events at my work place where somebody can be associate himself voluntarily for any of the project which probably holds a strong message "A day for a better today & tomorrow".

I registered myself with one such project, and the motto of the project was ‘A green & clean environment’. My inclination towards nature encouraged me to participate in this particular event and otherwise an interesting project. There were quite a few things that was actually happening at the ground level to address different environmental issues and thus a chance for people like me to put hands together to contribute with whatever small way we can.

This project was part of ‘Oracle Global Volunteer Days’. The whole idea of this project was something like - “Picking up plastics /segregate and collecting them, and then handed over the collected plastics to a company called K.K. Plastics that would recycle it. The project also involves speaking to local people and tourists about the ill effects of plastics on the environment”. Adarsh was the lead for the project backing up by the entire team of 70 plus people.

It was a well planned event, with enough time on our hands and everyone had an idea what they were supposed to do on that day. I started my day at around 5.15 AM and by that time I was like almost ready for the trip, which means before sunrise :). Joe and I took the bike and reached OTP, that was the meeting place for all of us. Anand another friend of mine was already there to join the team. Finally, the bus started from OTP around 6.30 AM. I have had already heard a lot about this place; as far as I know it’s one of the most happening picnic spot situated around 110 Kms away from Bangalore, it is called Muthathi. The Project team consisting of some senior volunteers from a group called ‘Clean & Green’ to guide and help us through out the event. Sandeep started with the do's and don't do's and told us what exactly need to be done. And Rupa another volunteer member co-coordinating the process, I had an interaction with her and she encouraged us to continue in every small way to protect/conserve our beautiful nature. There were lots of concerns for littering and we were there to witness that... Nevertheless its good that some people extended their support to create the awareness among the people to stop littering. In between the break, I got some time to play around with my camera and there you go with pictures of this beautiful place.

A closer view of the river Cauvery, that attracts most of the tourist over there.

All types of tourist with all different types of vehicle find their way to this place. You can see the guy, he had lots of questions for me and he was very curious to know why we all gathered at this place. Somehow I managed to convey him although I don't know his language (Kananda) and then a different smile on his face.

I guess they too enjoyed our presence :)

It was around at 2.00 PM that we gathered at our command post to conclude our day's work. I was completely amazed, if like minded people put their hands together then they can easily accomplish any difficult tasks. The numbers were out 70 people collected 306 K.G of plastics in a matter of 1 and half an hour of time.

The GVD - Save Muthathi Team, cheering for their achievement!!

After that we started towards a near by forest office camp for our, and there we had a some delicious south Indian lunch followed by relaxing break near the Cauvery. The entire team was there to discuss about the whole episode and to take back some of the lessons from it, then there was also a feedback session and some photo shot. There were good number of photographers in the team and so did the number of clicks :)

Here goes some more random clicks ...

Also there was some briefing from the forest officials and I was happy to see that hey too are working towards some solutions, otherwise the difficult tasks. The good thing out there was the govt. officials are closely working with the corporate and trying to minimize their set of constraints while taking up the responsibilities.

Back to B’lr at around 8.30 P.M. with some lessons of the day. The message was pretty much clear 'Stop littering', and now my effort would be to spread the message across my friends/groups, at least to create the awareness about our environmental responsibilities

Most of the time we try to attack big issues which are consequence of smaller issues like this one and now the effort should, at least, to take one step forward to attack it on the first hand. That reminds me a molecule is made up of several atoms and each atom can make a world of difference!!!


Himanshu Sheth said...

Hey Alok,
I am sure it would have been fun to do this activity.But the best part is you have done this with your team..This is a great team BUILDING excercise and I am sure that the BOND between you & colleagues would have been stronger then before.

Not to forget, they get to know the other side of Alok, which is your interests and I am sure all the things would be effectively used by your team :)

In the end, Team building with FUN would always work and this is one of the best example's to demonstrate the same!!!

-Himanshu Sheth
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Anand said...

Cool !. Pictures look great. Our Cnergy and Parivartana also organize some volunteer events in and around Bangalore. Hoping to see you in some of those events.