Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ad-Mad! - Dreams

These days I am suffering with something called as ‘Ad-Mad fever’ :) and my favorite ad these days is this ad of ‘Union Bank of India’ …. A very beautifully presented ad, and the lil gal in it, is what make a whole difference while putting forward the message of this ad. Simple, yet a powerful message that make you think over it again.

“because your dreams are not yours alone…”


SMRITI said...

Hey Alok

Yeah for sure that is one good ad that has hit the idiot box these days. Some really good ads have come up that any ordinary mortal can identify with. And that gal in the ad is specifically very adorable...she comes in that Airtel DTH ad too rite?

Taking a cue from this post of yours and putting up my fav ads too. :)

Cheers!! :)

~vagabond~ said...

Awww...the little girl is so adorable!

Alok (आलोक) said...

smriti, yes! she is the one and truly adorable.

vagabond, yes! indeed :)

kartoos said...

Yeah I like this one. Nowadays all banks ads have a kid in it

Vandita said...

oh this is the one with the lil girl planting her tooth right?
thats sucha cute ad and the girl is cuddly :)