Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy or Sad, life is like that ...

I wonder if there is no sad how somebody would define happy or vise versa, in the life. Well, your sad means you know how happy will make you feel about something. So a happy without sad will not be termed as a happy, probably it holds good the other way around too.

The dark clouds surround the lights of happiness as if they are those moments you never want to remember. And then the next moment you see the rays of hopes brings you back the lost smiles.

The sequence of events that brings in to your ever changing life; kicks you in every possible ways from one corner to another; one after other … Happy – Sad or Sad – Happy choose your own ways to feel and be in the process of graduation.

I may sound weirdo but there is NO moments on this earth for life to be only Happy – Happy or Sad – Sad.

P.S : photo of Arabian sea @ Allepey Beach.


Keshi said...

hey Alok ty for stopping by my online home :)

**I may sound weirdo but there is NO moments on this earth for life to be only Happy – Happy or Sad – Sad.

Why cant that Happy or Sad sometimebes be HAPPY too? :)


Alok said...

@keshi - thanks to you too for dropping by here.

Ooops ! I am looking out for the answer too, do you ?

Winnie the poohi said...

Thank you for passing by...and that was a huge compliment thanx [:D][:D]

Btw.. happiness doesnt have any meaning without sadness and hence they co exist.. like the shadows that reminds us what darkness is all about :-)

Winnie the poohi said...

btw i love that pic!!
am a sucker for anything sea.. hope u dont mind me pilfering

Alok said...

@winnie the poohi - That my pleasure. Thanks and yeah you can expect some minding blowing sea photos here very soon.

backpakker said...

its a state of mind..but I know what sadness is a deep hollow in your mind..that keeps going down and down...happiness , I guess is more a contented feeling

Alok said...

@lakshmi – yeah I agree with you. And both state of minds are so inseparable in life.

Anvita said...

yeah i guess we wud never realise wat it is to be happy unless we dont have r sad moments

Alok said...

@anvita – yes, I do feel that but again it’s a wondering world you discover many things on your way that is attached with moments of happiness or sadness. And life teaches that to us live upto it or give it up; in the tiniest possible ways.

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