Thursday, April 24, 2008

Flash Back - From MHz to GHz

When I am at home it’s always a different feeling and a different world altogether. Needless mentioning that I am away from my home twon for more than six years now and every time I entered to this town of Orissa, It makes me feel like wonder that I have had never so far from this place. Those dusty memories get re-freshed everytime I hit this place. And this time it is my desktop at home made me nostalgic. Now I am not able to recall when was the last I had some spare time inside my room seating with my evergreen PC (a desktop computer). It has been a wonderful more than a decade time that, this computer following my instructions. It also reminds me that lots of changes are brought by the time and pushed me away from it. Somebody has rightly said – “Life can’t wait, and I will never stop’.

Those days are history now; going way back to 1996, I was one of the lucky fellow in the town to own this PC. That time it was like owning something very special, more special than having a 'Thunder Bird' :). Anyways, it was too early at that age for me to own a bike than a Desktop. To brief about the configuration, it was loaded with the best available stuff in the market at that time, I mean with a 200 MHz Intel processor, 16 MB RAM, a 2 GB Hard disk, a 32x CD ROM drive and what more it came with a 14’ color monitor. Now after 12 years, I have seen many advancement in the world of computing where changes are so rapid and options are plenty, with new models hitting the market every now and then.

I am happy today that after so long time I am using it and yes this entire post is typed in the same PC. For a moment it is hard to believe that it is still working as good as my latest lappy (not in the literal sense). Now, the flasing memories drags me down to the lane where I started way back from those KKA days to VIT days, then to Oracle and … continuing; from Intel 200 Mhz processor to Dual Core 1.76 GHz processor. What it signals is that I would continue to experience this journey with every bit of me with knowledge as my friend and time as my mentor, from that Desktop to the current Laptop … and would term it as a journey unfinished. Also, this journey is marked with so many mistakes, learnings, failures, success and last but not the least a full of life in it.

Truly, changes are constant in anybody’s life and what probably makes me a happier person is that a change is triggered at a right time with a right combination of speed. … Well, though we moved on with whatever changes brought into our life, it keeps on swinging in between the dusty memories of past and the dreams of the future, in between holding the realities of the present .

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Smriti Srivastava said...


That was beautiful! :) This is your first blog I've read abt u going down memory lane. Being someone who loves to write about old memories, this article makes me ponder over my first beloved possession--titanic movie cd in 2000 i guess...and how i had guarded it with the utmost care, not giving it to anyone...and I mean ANYONE!!

Funny how we get lost in old memories and find that how past still plays such an integral part in our present... and so will in the future. :)

Lovely post. would like to read more snippets from your life thus far! :)