Monday, February 19, 2007

Why Life Sucks ?

I got a call from a long lost friend who on many occasions blames others for his faults and things that he never had a control. I wonder, what might be his expectations form life and things he is doing in life. Sometimes it sounds like me sheer waste of time and some other times as if time has stopped for him. After I finished the conversation with him, I recalled couple of things that I want to share here.

- Why someone loses the excitement in all forms of the work he/she is doing?
- Why someone started seeing things the other way round and then blame something else for them life sucks ?

And I believe these questions and similar other questions started with a “Why” that make things more complicated in life than ever. In life we have always two ways to go for the destination; for sure only one path, the first one leads to the destination, and the other no one knows where it leads.

The very selfishness of the person when ignore things happening around always follows the latter path. Maybe life sucks because we are mindless primates like to live in small tribal groups hunting for food and unknown pleasure. Perhaps our pain is the natural result of our living in an unnatural environment.

Who is responsible for this ?

Whatever we see need not follow the path of truth as most of the things in life are yet to be explored. And for that we need to have the eyes that can see the things the way they are ..., so what really makes a difference is the take away from time to time. We may take a long time to realize and understand ourselves, but it takes the whole life to retain it in this ever changing world.

Conclusion, I am made up of my thoughts, so unless they change it’s difficult that I will change.


Anonymous said...

yeah! notjust you, but everyone is made up of our thoughts!our thoughts reflects ourselves!if i say "the world is bad"no matter what i do, i wil never be able to see a "happy world" :)
and if we learn to enjoy the smal peasures in life, we wil never lose excitement, nor wil life 'suck', for me i get really charged up even for the smal plaesures that people and nature offers me!
Thoughtful post! :)

and thank u for linking my blog :)
take care!

Alok said...

Hey, shammu..., that's exactly what I mean to say there. I know all big things are made up of small one. so as long as we realize that, it's not a difficult task to enjoy the every moments life offers to us.


Hiral Shah said...

Hi, Alok,

Nice post your have put. Yes, i 100% agree that, our life is reflection of our thoughts.!!!

What we are today, because of our past thought and what we want to be, we need to change.

Keep writing good thoughts!!!