Monday, January 15, 2007

Guru Bhai - Never Stop Dreaming

Last weekend with couple of friends I planned to go for a movie, and we were very quite excited about it as all of us knew about the almost real life story. It’s about a person (a hero for most of us) in whose industry we started our career. Undoubtedly for me it was a movie of the year.

A well crafted movie it is !!! each and every character has made the movie so real. Thanks to the entire team and Mani Rathnam for his splendid job. I guess, Abhishek Bachchan (Gurukant Desai) will surely able to move up the number race after this movie, looks to me this time he was quite determinate about the talent to show off to the audience. Aishwarya Rai (Sujata) got some good work to do in the movie, but unfortunately not much.

Now coming back to the theme of the movie, not much to talk about here as most of us know it's about the life of the legendary “Dhirubhai Ambani”, so most of part is somewhat real. The movie for sure send a clear message that there are lot of things that we can learn and implement in our day to day life work hard and believe in your dreams to come. It's all about being a successful in your life. Every dialogue in this movie has a message in it, inspired by the legend.

Gurukant Desai” better known as Guru Bhai is a dreamer, who wanted to make all his dreams true and he was ready to work hard and harder to make it true. On the other hand, “Sujata” who shares not only her husband's dreams but also some of his greed. Guru Bhai never did miss a chance or opportunity given to him, he utilized every bit of it very well, and to an extend that one can hardly imagine. The spirit of a fighter made him unique among others in the industry and finally he fought well to make impossible things to possible … He moved on to be one of the greatest business legend of India and a true charter who has created not only hopes in the heart but also shine in the eyes of millions of people.

Overall it’s a wonderful movie and we all enjoyed it, at end of the show we had our money returned back to us in the form of some inspiring thoughts, ideas that can make things different as one can never expect. I had a wonderful time watching the movie and exploring some great values of our life. So go ahead and watch it, I hope you too will enjoy as much as I did.


Himanshu Sheth said...

Hi Alok,
Yes it is very true that the movie is inspiring, though it had some weaknesses in the script(eg. When Guru gets paralysed but he recovers automatically).But it is a very good movie and may be its box office would boost up after the Abhieskh-Aish engagement.

Dhirubhai Ambani was always great.I am sure that his sons(Anil and Mukesh) would take Reliance to newer heights by doing more and more M&A and going into diversified businesses.

Good post..Keep it up.


Alok said...

Yes there are some senses and also I do feel the ending could be more interesting then the present. But I have all praise for the presentation.