Sunday, January 18, 2009


I am not dancing but its tag time, I know most of the times I am far away from this tagging business, and surely added my name in your hate-list. Gosh! that’s the worst thing accepted from anyone. So here I am trying to act like damage controller and started with my first tag of the year and thanks to Cuckoo, for being the source for this time. The tag is all about to let you guys know eight weird things about me.

Weird??? Oh! weird, somehow sounds me, who you actually are … but people don’t like to see it that way normally and they often don’t do it either. Now, guess what!!! Its impossible task for me to restrict myself to the number eight because those who know me, they can speak better for me that the weirdo I am :P. So please, don’t skip reading the rest of the post ... here you go….

  • Songs : I am very found of music and its become integral part of my life ever since I know what my name is :). Music, songs everywhere, inside my phone, iPod, laptop and whatever that can play it. I load them with my favorite songs & music to make sure where ever I go; I find them without any difficulties. So what’s the weird thing in it? I can listen to one of my favorite song 24x7, you will hardly find there is more than one song in my playlist. I can listen the song continuously non-stop, sometimes for more than a week … For instance, I am listening only one song ‘Life In Technicolor II - Coldplay’ for the last three days. I know some of you might be already irritated by hearing the same song again, and again and again, but I don’t know when is the next change of song ... P.S : Don't ever think I am trying to remember the lyrics, if any.

  • The background music & people: A secrete thing, none (includes my friends) of you knew about it. I don’t know how, but it happens every time I meet someone for the first time, a random song start playing in the background, in the most imaginary form, it can be any song and it acts as if an invisible identification mark for them. The interesting thing is that as of now for no two people the same song is played.

  • Food Combo : This may sound strange but I do that, how often you mix daal and curd together that will be termed as an awesome combo. Ok! hold on that’s only one example and there are many such combo I do try while eating, you can’t believe its like foods from heaven. P.S : Try it at your own risk :P

  • Photography : As you all might be knowing that there is this great photographer who is under making :P. I have my digi-cam always in my pocket, just as mobile phone. And I take pictures almost on daily basis of any objects at random times. You! got the photo message about ewaste, in this blog? Good, so keep it in your mind or check my blog again before carelessly throwing them (dead floppy, cd, dvd etc...) outside somewhere.

  • Distance & Count : Whether I travel in train or bus or car or anything for long or short distance, somehow I always look for the milestones and count them as and when they come on my way, it also includes lamp posts/pillars, chai ka dukan (Tea shops), petrol pumps, level crossings, bridges etc... I still remember, I used to have a note book for the same. Thanks to my driving, now almost given up on it.

  • Alarm Clock : There is an inbuilt alarm clock inside me, which helps me to wake-up anytime I wish. For instance, I can wake up at 5 A.M even though I went to bed at 2 AM, and then give a call anyone who are there in the list; to wake them up and request(demand?) to get ready on-time. If they dono pick the call, only! god can help them (I mean in terms of finishing their work or reaching at the desired place) :P.

  • Travel Plans: 99.9% of my travel (holidays) plans are instantaneous, I never give a thought how to reach there, if no tickets available. I am still continuing this formula since my college days and that's about having some good fun which some of my friends dono like (woW what about a solo trip then? Yes! ofcourse).

  • Pen: I have this love for my pens and I never throw them out, when it is officially declared as dead. I have used a single pen to write all my semester exams. The pen is still with me in a secured locker or inside a junkyard :)

Following the custom of the tag or say the rule here, I have to tag eight people back. So here is the list in no specific order Divya, Smriti, Just Call me ‘A’, Prashant, Poohi, Vagabond, Munmun, Priyanka.

P.S: I have a very clear intention of putting you guys in trouble :P, so come out of your shell and face the challenge. If you have already faced it then its time to prove that you can face more challenges.


~vagabond~ said...

OMG...not a tag! not a tag! not a tag! i already have too many people giving me the evil look already for not having done their tag.

I dont think it's weird at all that you mix daal and's delicious...i do that all the time. Have you tried peanut butter-banana sandwich? or tomato sauce on top of a bhel puri mix? it's yummy.

It's really interesting that you identify everyone with a song. That's so unique. You should totally write a post on this.

I wish I had an inbuilt alarm clock. I check and double check and triple check my alarm clock every night like an OCD person because i never trust myself to wake up at the right time without it. If there was no alarm clock, i'd probably sleep into the next day. Scary thought.

SMRITI said...

Ahhh now this would make my sunday morning :P

Food Combo of daal and curd...I'd never do that :P I dont like curd. I saw someone put tomato ketchup in coke once and then drink it...ewwww!!! Dont tell me you try such whacky stuff :P

And identifying by songs...hmmm thats interesting. Is it like SRK in Main Hoon Na..except the guitar plays for everyone you meet and not for that one special person? ;)

Nice tag

But I dunno If I am brave enough to take this up..let us seeee :P

Lakshmi said...

Im not too much into tags either-but I guess they are a good way of meeting new people and getting to know them..thanks for sharing

Winnie the poohi said...

Okay am doing it now! just for you :P

GMG said...

Amazing! Counting milestones while driving would be interesting... ;))
Hope you have a great week!

alok said...

vagabond, food combos are not weird, well! I guess you belong to the other category where I can join you :D Ok! soon, you may find another post on the song way, I guess its funny too. Hey! you want an inbuilt clock? :D

alok said...

smriti, you need to try some of my food combos and then probably find out, what was that. Heheh no SRK ways.

Thanks, and thanks for taking up the tag.

alok said...

Lakshmi, that's my pleasure. Yeah true :)

alok said...

winnie, ahhhh! thankq :)

alok said...

GMG, thanks for the comment, yes! it is :)

ANWESA said...

hmm..badhiya tag ta.dali,dahi n bhata make a gr8 combo.aau baaki sabu points b bhala heichi.padhiki khub hasili..

shooting star said...

nice to know some interesting facts about you!!

GMG said...

Hi Alok! TGIF!! ;)
Blogtrotter, still posting on Delhi! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

alok said...

anwesa, next tag tuma pakhaku asuchi :)

shooting star, thanks for reading.

alok said...

GMG, thank you & you too have a nice weekend.

Cuckoo said...

Oh oh oh...
I know I am late, but you know the reason.
Thanks for doing this tag. No1 is exactly like me. Food combo not totally but yeah, I do mix some of them.
Photography ? Yes, me too.

Not pen but some other items.

Nice tag, got to know more of you. :D

alok said...

Cuckoo-ji, welcome back!! Thank you :)

Rolling said...

Alok am into food combo as well, mostly tho there is a pattern sweet with salt, meaning it cd be a fruit with rice; or dry with wet-slurpy, meaning papad with juice or porridge etc.

I carry a camera round too as its school custom, pens have given up on, in fact havent had a decent one in years now.

Nice to know you are Fuzon fan(pakistani one right?) and that you can love a song that much. Love ur road picture. but dislike the black background of ur page, its distracting, like entering a darkroom somehow. but keep posting, and take care bro

alok said...

Rolling, good to know we share some similarities. So, are you too a fan of Fuzon? I have lots of appreciations for their album “Journey” and the best of the song they have in it is “Neend Na Aaye”.

I am glad you liked the picture, oh! I am sorry, I can’t do much about the “black” background of the page/template. It’s my favorite. Ofcourse! you are inside a dark room (when you visit this page) and every dark has a story to tell life to shine like a bright Sun. I guess that requires another post to describe my love for the dark :)

So keep visiting & you too take care.

Fida said...

It’s so fun to get to know a bit more about you (but so glad you didn’t put me on the list – hahaha). That “daal and curd together” thing – so delicious!
And you have something in common with my Grandmother; that Alarm clock thing. She never used one, just knocked 5 times (or whenever she wanted to go up in the morning) on the wall – and voilà, she woke up.
And we would be a perfect fit “Travel-Plan” wise.