Saturday, February 23, 2008

memories !!!

I wonder how many times someone has to re-discover the meaning of this life before realizing the fact that life never stops. Every time you rant, there it goes - you can give a different meaning to the life spend in minutes, hours, days and years. And one fine day you could see it is made up of those countless memories. Needless mentioning a special effort, what it takes to hold on to whatever memories we have... I guess, there is no shape, size or measurement of these memories; just as anything that really matters. The loved ones, the hated ones … good ones, bad ones … sad ones, happy ones … painful ones, pleasurable ones and last but not the least those unforgettable ones; my list keep on growing day by day. Don’t forget to check yours !!!

This is not happened for the first time, not for the second time and not for the last time but it happened every time with me again and again… leaving me behind all those memories. When I look back, sometimes I find myself a lucky one to encounter with all those people, events and things that made this life with full of different memories. Surely they play an important role in guiding all the dreams of life to reality or do I say actually they helped in dreaming more. However, at the same time some of them can be destructive enough to blow you off from the feet. One of the most common things that you can figure out with all those memories is that they find their own ways to attach with some person(s) or with a place(s). And how does that matter if you forget such a person or a place but still the memory stick on to you like glue. Another thing that you can notice about those memories is that they were always having an association with a period of time. Nevertheless time plays a bigger or rather a crucial role in wiping out some of those memories from this ever changing life.

So next time you think of any one of those memories be sure you wear a big smile on your face just to be with yourself, no matter how difficult or sad it was that had thrown you out to a blank or strange state of mind. Because many time you live with it, and that’s where you can mark the difference between yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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Diva said...

This is truly the best blog I have ever read till date in my life.. Every word captivated me and touched me in several ways... I have been trying so hard to put these very simlar thoughts, emotions and realizations into words for a very long time now , but i failed badly... And I dont regret it even a single bit this moment, cos I am sure I couldn't have done a better job than you at this!!!
I especially like the part which says that we associate memories with ppl and places, thats so true and sometimes even though the people are gone and we move away from the places, memories stick to us..

I also remember a beautiful saying after reading ur blog -"The only reason people hold on to memories so tight is because memories are the only thing that won't change when everything else does."

One more thing I wanna say---
Yeh jeevan dil jaani, dariya ka hai paani
Paani to beh jaaye, baaqi kya reh jaaye
Yaadein, yaadein, yaadein :) :)