Saturday, January 12, 2008

The People’s Car (???)

People says lots of stuffs about Nano . I am not denying the fact that it will surely a milestone in the success story of modern India. Hey give a second thought to it, no doubt it's a wonderful car (I too assume) but do we really think we can save our footpaths ???. The problem here is totally different and most of us aware of the situation, now we can afford a car or anything that matters but it’s just impossible to stick on to it. You can buy a car but what about fuel rates ? what about the roads ? and last but not the least what about safety ? I am sure; all these things will be still far from the reach of the crowd. And Nano will definitely add more problems to the current situation, sounds like miracle to me if someone will prove it wrong.
With the infrastructure in the cities going bad day by day, can we really enjoy such things in the future ??? Probably the answer is a big NO. Take an example of Bangalore's whitefield rd. the only (2nd) road that connects it with the city and it is so horrible by now. And hey forget about creating new roads or expanding these existing roads because there is not an inch space left for the future.

Not so long time, back I have taken these pictures using my mobile phone while on the move inside this area …

I guess, this situation is similar in almost all the cities and it’s not so hard to realize we are making things to make sure our life is more miserable in the coming days.


Reshmi Nandy said...

-country like Japan has focused on providing basic transport service (via train) to its huge population so that scientist, industrialist, economist go to their workplace in the same way as a helpdesk assistant or a porter (by train)
-country like America gave too many roads to too few ppl so that that scientist, industrialist, economist go to their workplace in the same way as a helpdesk assistant or a porter(by self driven car)
-India, with its huge population and too few roads, taking us to a day where scientist, industrialist, economist wont go to their workplace for the same reason as that of helpdesk assistant or a porter (due to traffic jam)

I respect Ratan Tata- he posed a challenge to govt and to all of us and lead us to think what we are doing now….is it sustainable in long run?

Himanshu Sheth said...

Hi Alok,
I definitely agree that the infrastructure in India is tumbling(and continues to tumble day by day)...Since you have taken the example of Bangalore,I would say , there are so many vehicles and you would also have observed that in a BIG car,there would be either a single or maximum two persons who would be travelling...These are the people to blame along with the government.

I would also go to claim that along with them,Banks have made loans accessible to people(which gives them the power to purchase things which might be beyond the reach).

Coming back to Nano, it would definitely give it's own share in the tumbling infra. but deinitely being thw world's cheapest car, has made India a hotter property.Nano was the front page headline in major newspapers in UK and US.

But,are we ready for Nano,TIME AND INFRASTRUCTURE would tell !!! and not to forget our EDUCATED yet LESS CIVILISED people(including me) :)

NANO would either be a SUPERSTAR or it would be another NANO[which is a ROTTEN APPLE] :)

My THUMBS UP and SALAAM to the great RT.

-Himanshu Sheth

Alok said...

@Reshmi - Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

@Himanshu – I do agree with most of your points. Nothing to take away from Nano or from RT, surely he has done some great job. But the questions are for us, whether we and the govt. are ready to take up the new challenges that will be enforced by Nano ?

Some people are saying this car would help in evaluating and implementing better infrastructure in cities as well as smaller towns of India. I doubt if it’s ever possible in the future. I wouldn’t surprise to see if a Bangalore is fighting with a traffic jam and other similar problems, why can’t be a smaller town (which is still lacking the basic roads). Now the point here is what should come first for the sake of people.